Blizzard Entertainment has been known for giving a new life to its classic games, so the new breed of gamers could have the chance to play its timeless titles. And to add to its long list, the video game company is about to reveal “Starcraft: Remastered.”

The 1998 real-time strategic play will be now introduced to the modern kind of gaming along with its expansion, “Brood War.” In fact, the video game developer and publisher’s president Mike Morhaime announced its coming at “I <3 Starcraft” event in South Korea.

Game and time gap

Starcraft: Remastered” will be featuring an HD overhaul that will be revealed in the 2017.

To recall, there was a 12-year gap when the first military science fiction media franchise was released followed by its sequel “StarCraft II.”

Hence, there’s a big possibility that the players of the second installment haven’t experience to play the original title. Aside from the long gap, the technological disparity also affects the gameplay that is now unplayable to the new PCs.

New features and modes

“StarCraft: Remastered” will be getting higher-resolution graphics that can support 4K resolution. It will also have a new and improved audio and support for Blizzard Entertainment’s game launcher and multiplayer network.

This, too, will be the video game company’s excuse to fix the game title’s issues by adding new game contents and features that have been ignored before.

Hence, there will be a bunch of reasons why the game enthusiasts should play the upcoming newly revamp game.

In the remastered version, the single-player campaign will feature a new artwork that comes to improve the game’s storytelling. The multiplayer will also have new modes that include “advanced matchmaking, ladder play, and social features,” Engadget reported.

The players could also save their progress, from a solo game, custom maps to key bindings, in the cloud saves. However, the main gameplay of the title will still bear its classic touch, thus it won’t be changed. The restored timeless title will be out sometime in the summer for both Mac and Window PC users. The game’s price is yet to be revealed.