Blizzard finally revealed the newest playable character to its highly entertaining FPS “Overwatch.” Orisa, the new hero, joins the Tank roster along with Zarya, Reinhardt, D.Va, Winston and Roadhog. The exciting news eliminates the previous speculations regarding Efi Oladele, who was thought to be the newest hero for the game. Surprisingly, Efi was the one who created the latest hero.

Who is Orisa?

Orisa’s profile states that she is a month old guardian robot with no affiliation, but is based in Numbani. Her creator, Efi Oladele, is an AI genius with quite the know-how in robotics at 11 years young.

The new “Overwatch” hero is made off of scrapped OR15 parts, which Efi bought off using most of her grant money from the Adawe Foundation.

Albeit a young robot, the new hero is hell-bent on protecting Numbani and her creator as well. She may lack the experience of seasoned guardians, but her adaptive AI will allow her to serve the city at all cost, using the genius Efi’s mods and body work.

Orisa’s amazing abilities

  • Supercharger – the guardian robot uses a device that will make her allies inflict more damage, as long as they are within range.
  • Protective Barrier – Orisa can put up a huge, static barrier that will lock her in and her allies to elude damage from enemies.
  • Fortify – the new hero has the ability to receive minimal damage and at the same time make her invulnerable from action-impairing effects.
  • Fusion Driver – the fembot is equipped with a projectile cannon that causes sustained damage. However, using this ability will make Orisa’s movements a bit sluggish.
  • Halt! – this ability should do well when swarmed with enemies. ‘Halt!’ will slow enemies down within range and yank them towards an explosion that the new hero herself caused.

As of the moment, the new “Overwatch” hero doesn’t have player icons or unique sprays yet, but already, she can pull of victory poses and some emotes. You can start checking her out and start playing the new character on the public test realm (PTR).