Nintendo Switch owners have started to complain of their miscellaneous issues online, albeit Nintendo’s flagship console but a few days old. While almost all newly released gadgets do get backlash, it seems as though those of the Switch’s are quite serious – from screen scratches to dead pixels. reddit being the number one shock absorber of most game fanatics, the platform has amassed quite the complaints, including blue screen issues.

Switch screen flickering, blue screen and orange screen problems

Redditor and Nintendo Switch owner supportdevil posted a picture of his console bricked with a blue screen Saturday, a few days after the official launch.

The Redditor has since been advised by Nintendo to have the unit replaced by the retailer. The orange screen issue, which is more common than the blue screen, can be fixed with a hard reset. Meanwhile, unit owners who had their screens flickering or inverting should contact the retailer immediately; better yet, Nintendo Support.

Considered something minor of an issue are screen scratches, which owners said is caused by the slightest movement, like sliding the unit into its dock. Some users have been kind enough to advise others of the significance of screen protectors.

Other Switch issues

Other Nintendo Switch owners have a hard time getting their JoyCon stay connected, to which Nintendo made the effort of providing basic troubleshooting.

Dead pixels are also a problem, and while users may get a replacement unit, many retailers use a gauging system, in which a number of pixels are measured to see if the owner is eligible for a new Switch.

Wi-Fi seems to be a common problem for the Nintendo Switch as well. “Mine works fine although the Wi-Fi range sucks balls,” Redditor ThinkBeforeYouTalk wrote.

“The router is directly next to it (1 meter) and yet I only get 2 out of the 3 possible bars.”

More aesthetically, Switch owners have also reported of damage caused by the official skin itself, which has drawn quite the commotion online recently. That said, Nintendo encourages all unit owners to contact the retailer for any hardware damages. Performance issues, on the other hand, are best handle by the official Nintendo support.