With the Nintendo Switch due to release in just a few weeks, we're getting more and more information about what you can expect from the new console. We know that the device is smaller than either the Xbox One and PS4 and we knew the cartridges were supposed to be smaller than the discs used in Microsoft's and Sony's consoles. What we didn't know at least on a large scale is just how small the cartridges for the Nintendo Switch are going to be. They're going to be small enough that losing them is going to be a real concern for everyone involved.

Nintendo Switch cartridges are the smallest on the market

Anyone who has handled a 3DS or PS Vita cartridge are in for a bit of a surprise when they get a look at a Nintendo Switch cartridge. New photos have started circulating the web thanks to Polygon's Allegra Frank that show one of these cartridges out in the wild. The first thing to take notice of is that they are quite a bit smaller than the packages they come in. In fact, one has to wonder why the packages are as big as they are considering how tiny their contents. It turns out one side by side picture shows the Nintendo Switch cartridge is smaller than even the PS Vita games. We wonder just how quickly the games are going to go missing after they are first purchased.

'Breath of the Wild' will be the first chance to lose a game

The pictures that Allegra Frank was showing off have also given us our first look at the physical copy of "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild". While we've long known the title was going to be one of those available at launch, it's always nice to see not only has it gone gold, but the physical copies are out there and finding their way into the hot little hands of critics and video games journalists.

There are just a few weeks until we'll all be able to get our hands on the Nintendo Switch console, as well as "Breath of the Wild" as long as you were one of the lucky ones to get your preorder to go through. These days, the console is completely sold out. For those who did manage to preorder, both will be available on March 17.