Elon Musk, the multimillionaire co-founder of Tesla, the electric car multinational company, has launched a request to the South Australian and federal administration, stating he can resolve the SA's energy distress in less than 100 days, or he will give a battery system for free. On last March, 9, the Tesla’s VP for energy commodities, Lyndon Rive, told the Australian Financial Review Tesla could implement the 100/300 MW/h of battery storage that would be needed to prevent the power deficits that have been creating price peaks and blackouts in the area.

South Australia: Tesla Powerpacks to avoid power blackouts

Australia is the first market in the world for solar power. South Australia uses more solar energy than anywhere in the nation. But deep discussions over energy system have run as accumulation has flickered. In last September, after heavy rains collapsed power towers and abandoned the whole area without electricity and President Turnbull declared the blackout an "alarm bell" for politicians eyeing renewable energy targets he considered "completely unreliable." Elon Musk on Tuesday announced his US company could install a 100MW/h battery system less than 100 days after a deal being approved. A system like this, he announced, is a starting point to preventing a return of recent blackouts.

Tesla lately installed a similar battery farm in California. Today Elon Musk reported he had conversed with President Weatherill, explaining the Government as “clearly engaged in a quick, smart solution” to the state’s power problem.

Tesla created a similar system in California

Thanks to improved production at new Gigafactory of Tesla in Nevada, the company might be capable of keeping his word.

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Tesla lately installed an 80 MW/h farm in Ontario in only 90 days. The system of 400 Tesla lithium battery stores power at night to supplement to the network during top hours. The project for South Australia would get about 500 Powerpack including more than 8 million different battery cells.