Since leaking nearly 9,000 documents that supposedly belongs to the CIA, Wikileaks has found itself in the hot seat. The organization promised tech giants it would hand over the documents. But as of today, tech companies such as Microsoft and Google are still waiting. Julian Assange pledged to deliver the documents because several tech giants were mentioned within the files.Apparently, vulnerabilities were found in the software from the likes of Microsoft and Google, and as such, both companies would love to know where these vulnerabilities are to fix them on time.

While Google did not offer an official statement, sources close to the company revealed that there had been no contact with Wikileaks.

As it stands, one of the sources claim there are now concerning reports that Wikileaks and its founder have tricked the public in a huge PR move that seems to have no substance.However, one Android security expert who got the chance to review the leaked CIA files said Google would have a lot to discuss due to possible vulnerabilities in its software.One Microsoft spokesperson said the company had seen what Julian Assange had to say in regards to the leaked CIA files. However, the company have not yet been contacted and is currently awaiting word from Wikileaks.

The Microsoft spokesperson went on to add the following in a statement:

"Our preferred method for anyone with knowledge of security issues, including the CIA or Wikileaks, is to submit details to us at so we can review information and take any necessary steps to protect customers."

Some good news for computer users

Apple, Google, and Microsoft said the leaked CIA tools designed for hacking, targeted older systems.

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The companies claim these holes have been fixed, but none refused to admit if all problems were. Still, one has to consider the amount of data Wikileaks has on its hands. It will take time for the organization to triangulate the information before sending the most relevant data to the affected tech companies in the United States.