Recently, WikiLeaks has published documents claiming that they were proof of a worldwide hacking operation by the CIA to infiltrate peoples’ televisions and phones. In a press conference on Thursday, Julian Assange said that he has more documents, this time regarding the CIA’s hacking of major tech companies. He stated that WikiLeaks will release the unpublished documents if tech companies use the information in them to patch the holes that they reveal.

Assange stated that he would release the documents for the sake of security for the companies as well as accountability for the CIA for the hacking itself.

In order for journalists to be able to hold governments accountable, communications technology must be secure, he said in his statement.

Documents published by WikiLeaks so far are yet to be authenticated. The CIA has declined to comment on whether or not the documents are real, as has been Agency policy. In a statement by a CIA spokeswoman, the Agency said that they continue to collect information on enemies of the United States, despite the efforts of organizations such as WikiLeaks.

Response from companies allegedly hacked

Shortly after the documents were published, spokepersons for both Google and Apple released statements saying that they have already remedied many of the vulnerabilities that were exploited.

Reps for Samsung and Microsoft have stated that they are already “looking into” fixing said security gaps.

According to Microsoft, the company has not been contacted by WikiLeaks, but that they are aware of Assange’s offer. The company has said that anyone with knowledge of holes in Microsoft systems should come directly to the company.

Avast, an antivirus company, was also mentioned in the documents as a target of the CIA’s hacking efforts. Avast’s CEO, Vince Steckler, has criticized WikiLeaks as being a mouthpiece for the Russians, but said as well that he would be willing to work with them to combat the alleged security issues. He stated that the company has not yet been contacted by Assange, but will take any information available to remedy problems in their system.

WikiLeaks got documents from former government contractors

WikiLeaks said they came across the documents when former U.S. government hackers got their hands on them after CIA hacking tools were stolen. Allegedly, it is one of these former government contractors who then passed them on to the organization.

Assange claims that the CIA was aware of the fact that that WikiLeaks had the material for at least two months. They are yet to warn the public that their hacking capabilities have been compromised, in spite of the breach, he said.

In his Thursday press conference, Assange spoke to reporters via a video link from the Ecuadorian embassy in England, where has reportedly been since 2012. He was granted asylum there, as he is wanted by Swedish authorities for sexual assault, allegations which he has denied.

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