technology is evolving and enhancing at a rapid pace and data scientist Nuno Sebastiao, the CEO of Feedzai, has made several predictions for how machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will grow in 2017. It is expected that these fields will produce some truly innovative ways to implement new technologies and inventions that will enhance the experiences of both consumer sectors and enterprises.

Nuno Sebastiao earned an MBA from the London Business School and previously worked at the European Space Agency. He believes that “Invisible Commerce,” “Artificial Intelligence,” and “Personalization and Customization” will soon gain massive footholds in most markets since the evolution of machine learning and smart programming has made it easy to collect information about shoppers and tailor recommendations to their specific tastes.

Additionally, he predicts that AI interfaces will have the capacity to become more conversational due to advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) programs and Text-to-Speech (TTS) chat bots. Web searches, speech-based searches, and faster processors will also grow in 2017.


Customization and personalization are at the forefront of Nuno’s predictions for technological advancement; especially in the checkout experience. “It’s now possible to learn more about a shopper and their intent even before the checkout happens,” Nuno explained. “This will lead to a smart and personalized checkout experience where trusted shoppers can be directed to an instant and frictionless checkout experience.

While it may not happen this year, AI and machine learning should make our lives simpler and easier, and this is an implementation well within reach that will improve daily life for shoppers.” Nuno is also adamant that such technologies can be leveraged for other industries like personalized education.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another point of interest. AI enables machines to reason and interact with the world and is the technology behind self-driving cars, computer games, and a driving force behind modern businesses like Facebook to Netflix. “The alternative lending industry will benefit from AI,” Nuno stated.

“They serve an important need by creating greater financial inclusion for the underserved.

Where humans aren’t looking, machines can provide trust/safety mechanisms needed by alt-lenders to instill investor faith.” That said, there are certain risks involved with implementing new technologies. “For every advancement in technology, the bad guys can use it against us,” Nuno said.

“Luckily, for everyday people and consumers, the good guys are also watching out for them and making their lives better. With the right AI-powered risk systems in place, consumers can have less to do to avoid the pitfalls of being defrauded. Basically, thieves can steal your wallet and your identity, and even spoof your fingerprint.

What is very hard to duplicate is your behavior. Much like a spouse or close friend knows your buying habits, AI-powered risk systems know what is normal behavior for you specifically by your data. It’s like having an AI-guardian angel that is always there and learning.”


Nuno Sebastiao is consistently amazed at how attainable AI is becoming. “Machine learning is to the cognitive revolution what silicon was to the computing revolution,” he said. “Machine learning is launching a computing revolution that will change the course of the next 100 years.

We will look back at these next few years and say there was a time before AI and a time after AI.” Of course, to transact freely and without worry, people must break the deadlock between consumers’ fears about data privacy and business’ need for more data and better personalization.

According to Nuno, AI can be helpful in this cause: “Machines don’t gossip about your personal data, so they won’t spread rumors or reveal your private information.”