Mighty No.9:

This game was created by the creator of the Mega Man series. It was fan funded mainly and has a pretty nice sized following including myself. The game has received pretty low scores in my opinion. These scores at the moment do not justify the game very much to me. I feel it is quite excellent however you must take the game for what it is: Mega Man at heart in 2016. Yes you will be fighting the usual 8 bosses and collecting their power ups. Yes the aspect of going for no damage is still in the game through excellent level and enemy design.

Speed Runners as well will find joy that this game fits the role perfectly.

Oil Platform Level :

This is a fun level and it is also pretty nice to look at. Some enemies take one or two shots to stun and then you will be able to dash through them. Other bigger enemies take much more, and all enemies seem to have different amounts of hit points and tactical ways to beat them. The oil on the floors can be ignited by fire and can cause great amounts of trouble for Beck our hero. Try avoiding or being quick enough to get out of these situations. One other difficult part of the level was the falling cylinder oil towers. You can speed through them or play a patient route and wait for each to fall by getting close in then backing away.

It's a pretty tough level as is the game, but also rewarding. Don't give up to easy especially for the next segment. The boss battle vs Pyrogen.

Boss Battle Vs Pyrogen :

This is tough and I really suggest checking out the video below and see how to take it down live. Read on for the tactics that will combine with the video. There are 3 things you want to know in this battle.

First off when Pyrogen says dash or slams his fist into the ground he is going to dash. You must engage in and dash over him quickly to avoid. If Pyrogen says crush or lifts his arms into the air you must dash underneath him. Finally if the boss says here it comes he is going to explode on Beck. Players must then get close for him to trigger, then quickly dash away to avoid harm.

So it works like this :

  • Crush - Dash Under
  • Here it comes - let it trigger then dash away
  • Dash - Move close then dash above

Finally the boss Pyrogen can also restore his lost health if you do not finish him off quickly enough. For the form when Pyrogen begins to burn blue, you should avoid getting close to him at all cost. If he grabs Beck he will explode on you for an instant death every time. To avoid this make sure to know the patterns and sounds mentioned above. When he is purple dash into Pyrogen to douse out his blue flames. However know he will recharge them 2-3 times during the battle. It's tough but with these tips you should come out on top !