"Battlefield 1," one of EA DICE's newest game, is going to launch a new winter update really soon! The official "Battlefield 1" Twitter account tweeted "Stay tuned, the winter update is coming." After it was tweeted, it was then accompanied by an image that indicates it will arrive next week. Now, everyone that plays the game on Xbox or Play Station are all hyped!

On Twitter, fans asked DICE when we can expect to see HDR support for the game, to which the developer said, "EA and DICE are committed to supporting HDR on PS4 Pro/Xbox One. We will share details once we have them available.” Perhaps, we’ll hear something this week and/or it might be a part of the winter update.

What we can expect

Even though we don't know much of what is coming up in the update, we can infer that it will contain many of the changes found in the recent Community Test Environment patch. This would mean a return of Ribbons, which is a way of promoting teamwork. Collecting a Ribbon will net players 500XP in multiplayer -- making a lot of new players really happy.

In addition to ribbons, max class ranks were increased, unlockable Elite Codices were added (which give players Elite Codex and 25000 bonus XP per 500 kills per primary weapons), and a feature to vote on the next map was added. We can also infer that the update will have dozens of fixes, tweaking everything from weapons and vehicles to Spectator mode, making the flow and graphics of the game better and more realistic.

The Winter Update isn't tied to the "They Shall Not Pass" expansion, but it might be tied to the changes housed in the Community Test Environment (CTE). About a week ago, the CTE saw a pretty big update to test out a number of new features. We recently noticed that the expansion will be released this March and comes with four new maps, the French army, Frontlines game mode, Trench Raider Elite Class, new vehicles, and more.

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If you aren’t familiar with CTE, it’s an environment that allows the company, and players to test upcoming features and changes, think of it like a beta. The CTE lets you try out new features ahead of time and it also helps DICE improve the final version of its "Battlefield 1" updates. "The Battlefield 1" CTE is now live for PC users, and those who join are now able to test the Winter "Battlefield 1" patch ahead of its release.