The ambitious Space exploration game “No Man’s Sky” from Hello Games seems to be imminently coming out next week following some delays. Various videos of the highly anticipated game have been coming out, offering players a glimpse of things to come.

Endless exploration

No Man’s Sky” was touted to be a massive space exploration game covering 18 quintillion planets. The number alone will set players back as they ponder how their journeys can cover such a wide open space.The thought alone is swashbuckling with players unlikely to find the other given the large scope.

In store for "No Man’s Sky" gamers are places to explore with some adversaries to discover.On that note, the non-playing characters can either be friendly or hostile. Hence, certain players will also need to defend themselves once the need calls for it.

Can you survive on your own?

Imagining the wild open space gamers can check out, there is the issue of survival. This is not similar to traditional arcade games meaning players will need to find ways to eat, sleep, and defend themselvesThe governing conditions on planets are unknown so gamers need to think intelligently and quick. Blinking or taking such for granted will likely lead to a player’s demise in-game.

Hello Games weathers storms

Massive and promising as “No Man’s Sky” is, Hello Games has not been spared from issues.

There were legal battles associated with the name “sky” which they were able to fend off.Just recently, the algorithm of the game was also hit with Genicap claiming they hold the rights to the game. All that was cleared up by game director Sean Murray, explaining that the game didn’t actually use the “superformula” credited to one Johan Gielis.

PlayStation 4 version out first, PC next

Hello Games will be releasing “No Man’s Sky” on Aug. 9 for PlayStation 4 platforms in North America and Aug. 10 for the ones in Europe.

PC gamers will need to wait three days before that version comes out which will be on Aug. 12.Despite the ‘slight’ delay, PC gamers are unlikely to complain. Waiting a couple of days is better than waiting for something without an actual date or time.