Cowarobot R1 is afully autonomous smart suitcase that follows its owner while intelligently avoiding obstacles and stairs. The new AI-enabled Travel bag features multiple sensors, including SONAR, cliff detecting sensors, and a CO-Eye sensor to calculate its path all the while never leaving the side of its user.

The Cowarobot R1 features

  • The robotic suitcase follows ‘bracelet-bearer’ owner where ever he goes.
  • A “CO-MOVE system” guides the R1’s path while continuously updating it to prevent bumping into any hurdle.
  • It is driven by 96.5-watt electronic motors but unlike the Modobag, which is also motorized, riding on it is not an option.
  • A maximum speed of 4.5 mph (7.2kph) which is just enough keep up with the bag owners walking speed, while a single charge offers a mileage of 12.5 miles (20km).
  • Powered by a 462g lithium ion battery which is actually an accessory and can be conveniently removed at security checkpoints or even used as a power bank to charge your smartphones via USB.
  • The battery delivers its power to a pair of retractable wheels that haul all the 10.58lbs (4.8kgs) of the R1’s total weight and merge into the body like landing gears of a plane during manual mode.
  • An integrated security lock makes sure the valuable items a locked in a safe place without compromising accommodation capacity.
  • GPS tracking offer through its smartphone app helps you locate the travel bag if it is lost, while a proximity sensor sends an alert to your cell phone if you are out the proximal distance.
  • Find Me Function,” which users can execute by tapping on their bracelet. As a result, the suitcase will find out the position of the user and drive itself there autonomously.

Hassle-free traveling

Guided by integrated AI, the suitcase stays within arm’s length distance so whenever the user wishes, he can grab it and shift it from “autonomous mode” to “manual mode.” The Cowarobot R1 does not follow behind, it rolls side by side with the owners so they don’t have to look behind or turned around to grab the bag.

Autonomous capability

The “brain of the R1” is a state of the art CO-MOVE system that receives data from multi-sensor fusion technology-based detectors which include a sonar sensor, CO-Eye, and depth sensor to avoid cliffs. The information is processed and an obstruction-free path is calculated.

Indiegogo Campaign

The startup currently has completed about 28% of its target after gaining about $28,000 from the total ‘flexible goal’ of $100,000 on Indiegogo. There is still one month remaining for more backers to make contributions.

Cowarobot R1 price and release date

Priced at $499 including shipping, the R1 is expected to begin deliveries worldwide from October 2016. Additionally, preordering a pair will save you $98 while there is a range of other packages as well. The retail price will be confirmed when Cowarobot R1 will hitthe stores.