Tokyo Olympics 2020 was shifted to 2021 because of the threats of coronavirus. This has already dampened the spirits of not just the athletes but also of the host country. Olympics is an international event, and Japan, the host country, had planned to display its culture to the world. It had arranged to put on shows that would remain etched in memory for ages. Olympics is a platform for athletes, who participate in various events to create records, but this year, the pandemic has already delayed the Games. This could deny many aspirants the glory of representing their country at the victory stands because age is a factor that dulls the responses.

Every athlete aspires to be the best, but circumstances of this nature could play spoilsport and dash the hopes of many.

Sky News reports that many of the Japanese towns are unwilling to host the Olympic athletes. Before starting the Games, the committee had identified more than 500 towns for training camps and cultural exchanges. However, because of the coronavirus, 40 towns have abandoned the plans. Their concern is about overburdening the medical resources in case of a fourth wave of the pandemic. That could hurt the Games.

People of Japan uneasy over holding the Olympics during a pandemic

The eastern region of Chiba was supposed to act as host to athletes of the US track and field team. They would have had their training camp here.

However, Chiba has canceled the plans. Governor Toshihito Kumagai explained that there is no guarantee of beds in hospitals for athletes. Similarly, for Okuizumo, the town was to host India's hockey team for a training camp. It has also declined. Sky News says these are signals of the growing uneasiness among the Japanese over scheduling the Games during a pandemic.

Tokyo olympics 2020, postponed last year, would start on 23 July. This would be despite a surge in infection and a state of emergency in the capital. Japan says there will be no cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics over coronavirus.

The Olympics would be a 'historic event'

Despite the threats of coronavirus and reluctance on the part of a section of the Japanese to accommodate the athletes, the International Olympic Committee said it is confident it would be a "historic event." Sky News makes a mention of the latest surge in infections.

There are infections in host-city Tokyo as well as Hokkaido, the city identified for test events related to the Olympic marathon. Some high brand athletes have questioned the need to hold the Games against the backdrop of COVID-19. They include tennis stars Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and Naomi Osaka. There was a report that said the Tokyo Olympics might go ahead without any overseas fans in March. That would be a real dampener. Those who win laurels at the Games want to share the moment with their fans.

Toyota is one of the leading sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics

According to CNN, Toyota is concerned over the public's frustration directed at athletes ahead of the Games. Toyota happens to be one of the major sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games.

COVID-19 cases are showing an upward trend in Japan. This has led citizens to question whether it is appropriate to host such a major sporting event in Tokyo. Toyota's Operating Officer Jun Nagata said: "We have been deeply concerned about reports that athletes have become the target of some people's frustrations about the current medical situation." The company became part of The Olympic Partner program in 2015. Japan has already extended its third state of emergency. The people's feeling is evident from the thousands of citizens who signed an online petition calling for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics. An official of the International Olympic Committee assured that plans to host the full games are going ahead, despite the public's concerns.