Japan will host the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and it has prepared itself accordingly. However, threats of coronavirus COVID-19 has upset the plans. It originated in China and spread to almost corners of the world. The nature of the disease has disrupted the lives of many people and most of the countries have imposed a ban on Travel. There are reports of death and the authorities are advising people to avoid physical contact with others wherever possible and maintain a high level of personal hygiene.

Under the circumstances, conducting an event like the Olympics would be a tough proposition.

There would be the participants with their contingent of support staff and they have to remain in Japan for their events. It would be a tall order but Japan appears to be confident of success. Participants have been training to set new records and would not like to miss the opportunity. The games are set to begin on July 24 and there is still time. Efforts are on to find a cure for coronavirus and the situation could improve.

The Business Standard says the organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and Paralympic Games have announced about the cancellation of the Greek leg of the Olympic Torch Relay.

This was in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which has halted many sporting events on a global scale with no end in sight.

Preparations on for Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo will host the second Olympic Games after more than half a century. The last time it was in 1964. Tokyo Olympics 2020 is an international affair and a prestigious event for the hosts.

They have to carry out a lot of preparatory activities right from stadiums to accommodating the athletes and others associated with the events. The Olympics is a platform to display skills and try to break old records. World golfer, Tiger Woods was optimistic about winning the Tokyo Olympics 2020 in the golf segment. The committee said that the schedule of games would remain.

It also said it would collaborate with all related organizations like the International Olympic Committee IOC and the Hellenic committee to ensure the success of the Games.

The Business Standard adds that one casualty of coronavirus was the cancellation of the Greek leg of the Olympic Torch Relay. However, the Hellenic Olympic Committee agreed to carry out the handover ceremony as planned on March 19, minus attendance of the public. The health ministry of Greece has agreed to this procedure keeping in mind the interests of society.

The Olympic flame was lit on Thursday at the Olympia ruins. It would take a weeklong tour of Greece and then move to Japan for the following leg. The fate of the Games would depend on the containment of the disease COVID-19 that has infected hundreds of thousands and claimed more than 5,000 lives worldwide. There are genuine worries that the coronavirus outbreak could affect the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Shinzo Abe says Tokyo Olympics is on

CNN quotes Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe saying, "We will overcome the spread of the infection and host the Olympics without a problem, as planned." He made this statement at a news conference in Tokyo and added the final decision rests with the International Olympic Committee IOC in view of the pandemic nature of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe tried to dampen speculation that there could be postponement or cancellation of the Games. The Japanese leg of the relay will begin in Fukushima on March 26 and the Games will take place from July 24 to August 9. Prime Minister Abe could be present at Fukushima to witness the start of the Olympic torch relay.

Tokyo Olympics will mean the best of the best

The Olympics provide an opportunity for sportspersons of different disciplines to display their talents and try to rewrite the record books. They prepare themselves to become the best of the best. The host country tries to ensure that the show is a memorable one. US President Donald Trump had suggested postponement of the Games to Shinzo Abe via Twitter.

If the threat of COVID-19 forces the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics it will be a huge loss to the world of sport.