Nebraska Huskers fans will have to wait until Saturday to find out who will be the starting quarterback. The Huskers will be under pressure to record a victory in their first home game of the season against a struggling Penn State team. However, Scott Frost is yet to resolve the ongoing quarterback controversy between Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffery. Earlier in the week, Frost claimed that he would let the two players battle for the position during practice before making a decision. Unfortunately, the third-year head coach remained non-committal about choosing a permanent starting quarterback in his latest press briefing.

Coach Frost feels that Martinez and McCaffrey are good enough to start for Nebraska

According to 247 Sports, During his round of interviews on Thursday, Coach Scott Frost maintained his belief that Martinez and McCaffery are good enough to start at Nebraska's quarterback position. However, the Husker's head coach admitted that he would eventually have to establish a clear pecking order for the position. Even though Coach Frost has refused to name his preferred quarterback, some analysts have speculated that he will finally drop Martinez after his poor start to the season.

Martinez could lose his starting job to McCaffrey

Heading into his third season with Nebraska Huskers, many fans hoped that Martinez would recapture the 2018 form that made him a Heisman Trophy candidate.

In his first year with the Huskers, Martinez threw for 2,617 yards and 17 touchdowns against eight interceptions. The 6-foot-2, 220-pound quarterback completed 67 percent of his passes, but he has regressed over the past two seasons. Last year, the Huskers' captain threw for 1,956 yards and ten touchdowns. In 2020, Martinez has completed 57-percent of his passes for 230 yards and zero touchdowns in his first two games.

Scott Frost admitted that his third-year quarterback would have to improve on his accuracy and decision-making. However, some Huskers' fans have speculated that Frost is ready to move on from Martinez in favor of McCaffery.

The redshirt freshman showed a lot of promise after he took over the offense in his two appearances for the Huskers.

McCaffery has completed 76-percent of his passes for 148 yards in his two cameos for Nebraska Huskers. During the team's loss to Northwestern, McCaffery entered the game in the fourth quarter with the Huskers trailing by one score, and he notably increased the team's tempo on offense. While the second-year quarterback failed to lead his team to victory, Coach Frost praised him for giving his teammates a spark on offense. Even though the former UCF head coach has remained mum about his plans for the quarterback position, many fans suspect that he will pick McCaffery as the starter in Saturday's must-win game against Penn State.