The pressure to turn around Nebraska’s college football program could be getting to Scott Frost. In his three years with Nebraska Huskers, Frost has a 9-17 losing record, and a section of fans has started losing faith in the former UCF coach. When Scott Frost took over the Nebraska head-coaching job in 2017, many fans were hopeful that he would turn the team into a powerhouse in the Big Ten. Unfortunately, the Huskers are still a long way from dethroning Ohio State in the Power 5 conference. A picture comparing Frost’s appearance when he took the Huskers' job and his present look recently went viral on Twitter, and fans have had some hilarious reactions to the post.

Coach Frost appears to have aged rapidly during his three-year tenure at Nebraska

In the first photo captured during his early media sessions with the Huskers, Scott Frost appears youthful and enthusiastic, and he is dressed in an immaculate suit. However, a recent picture of the Huskers’ head coach shows a glaring contrast. Coach Frost looks haggard and stressed out, and he is dressed in a black Nebraska-branded hoodie. When comparing the two photographs, fans have pointed out that the 45-year-old seems to have aged rapidly ever since he took the Huskers' job.

A section of fans has lost faith in Scott Frost

Nebraska Huskers supporters have made fun of Coach Frost over the viral picture.

One fan joked that in his three years with the Huskers, Frost looked like he had served two terms as President of the United States. Huskers’ fans were excited when Coach Frost joined the program in 2017 since he had just led UCF to a national championship. Many spectators felt that he was the right man to turn Nebraska into a championship contender.

Frost committed to the program in 2017 by signing a seven-year, $35 million contract which was set to expire in 2024. Last year, Nebraska extended Coach Frost until 2026 since the team felt that it had made good progress under the popular head coach. However, fans are now losing patience with Scott Frost due to the team’s disappointing start in 2020.

The Huskers have lost their first two games of the season in disappointing fashion. Ohio State rolled over Nebraska 52-17 in the first week of the season. After missing the game against Wisconsin, which was canceled due to a coronavirus outbreak, the Huskers traveled to Northwestern and put up a substandard performance in a 21-13 loss. Some fans have blamed Coach Frost for using two quarterbacks in the team’s losses instead of settling on a permanent starter. Nebraska Huskers will play its first home game of the season against Penn State on Saturday, and Coach Frost will be under more pressure if his team losses to the Nittany Lions.