Ohio State Buckeyes and Nebraska Huskers kicked off the Big Ten season with an entertaining match on Saturday. The two teams were the most active members of the Power 5 conference in calling for a resumption of the 2020 season. During Saturday’s game, the Buckeyes put up an impressive performance on their way to a 52-17 victory over their conference rivals. However, Huskers fans have slammed the match officials in the game for the controversial ejection of the team’s linebacker, Deontai Williams.

Huskers’ fans have slammed match officials for ejecting Deontai Williams

According to Big Red Today, Williams was ejected on a targeting call after he appeared to tackle an Ohio State receiver by leading with his helmet. However, replays showed that the Huskers’ linebacker used his shoulders to tackle his opponent. The refs decided to uphold their targeting call even after the review, and they kicked Williams out of the game. Nebraska fans took to social media to slam the match officials for sticking to their decision even though replays showed that Williams had made a clean tackle. A section of Huskers fans has argued that the NCAA and its match officials could be conspiring against their team.

Even though the refs were wrong to eject Williams, Ohio State Buckeyes was still the better team in the contest.

Justin Fields put up an impressive performance as he led the Buckeyes to victory

Justin Fields led his team to the impressive victory by completing 20 of his 21 passes for 276 yards and two touchdown scores. The Buckeyes had a solid running game, and they will be favorites to win the Big Ten conference after their convincing win over the Huskers.

During the offseason, Fields was at the forefront of advocating for the return of the Big Ten season. The Ohio State quarterback backed up his actions by putting up an impressive performance. While Nebraska fans will be disappointed with Saturday’s result, the team had some positive moments on the field.

The Huskers’ defense looked good in the first half, and it will be interesting to see whether the team’s head coach, Scott Frost, makes a call to the Big Ten’s office headquarters to overturn the targeting call on Williams.

Before the season began, Coach Frost had admitted that he had a difficult decision to make at the quarterback position since Luke McCaffrey and Adrian Martinez were both putting up impressive performances in practice. It appears that Frost will use both quarterbacks in his offense. McCaffrey and Martinez both saw a lot of playing time during Saturday’s loss to Ohio State. Nebraska’s offense looked unpredictable when both players lined up on the offense, and fans are eager to see how Coach Frost uses McCaffrey and Martinez in the remaining games.