After an uncertain offseason, teams in the Big Ten will finally take the field on Saturday to begin their 2020 season. Back in August, teams in the Power 5 conference were pessimistic about their chances of playing in the fall after Commissioner Kevin Warren announced that the season had been postponed. However, Nebraska and Ohio State voiced their opposition to the decision, and they succeeded in overturning Commissioner Warren’s pronouncement. The two teams will play each other in the opening game on Saturday, and Huskers’ coach, Scott Frost has praised Ohio State for being in favor of playing the 2020 season.

Coach Frost praises Ohio State’s medical staff for their role in fighting for the 2020 season

In his latest interview, Coach Frost acknowledged the Buckeyes for their efforts in convincing the Big Ten to reverse its decision to cancel the season. On facing Ohio State Buckeyes in the first game he said, "No, I don't think it's a coincidence." While Nebraska was the loudest voice in calling for a resumption of college sports, Ohio States’ doctors and medical staff played a crucial role in convincing Commissioner Warren that teams in the Big Ten could implement safety protocols and protect their players from contracting the coronavirus. Coach Frost has given credit to the Buckeyes for their accomplishment, but he has cautioned his opponents against underestimating his team ahead of their game on Saturday.

Nebraska is the underdog ahead of Saturday’s game against the Buckeyes

Many pundits have predicted that Ohio State will win its opening game against Nebraska and continue its dominance over the Big Ten conference. However, Coach Frost has pointed out that his team will be eager to get on the field and prove that it can get the better of Ohio State.

Frost has a combined 9-15 record in his first two seasons at Nebraska, and Saturday’s game against the Buckeyes will be a big test for his young team. However, Nebraska Husker’s quarterback, Adrian Martinez recently declared that his teammates were looking forward to the upcoming matchup against their conference rivals.

Martinez feels that Nebraska will rise to the challenge against Ohio State even though they are the perceived underdogs heading into the game.

Some Huskers fans have argued that the team was intentionally dealt a difficult eight-game schedule due to its open opposition to the Big Ten’s decision to cancel the season. In addition to playing Ohio State, Nebraska will play two top 25 opponents, and that could hamper its chances of winning the Big Ten conference and making the college football playoffs. However, Martinez is confident that his teammates can achieve positive results irrespective of the quality of the opposition. While it will be interesting to see whether the Huskers’ players can back up their bold predictions, fans are simply looking forward to seeing their favorite teams in the Big Ten conference take the field after a difficult offseason.