Despite its last-minute efforts to put together a replacement game against Chattanooga, Nebraska Huskers will not be in action on Saturday. Huskers' officials were determined to allow their players to play football this weekend after the Big Ten canceled Saturday's scheduled game against Wisconsin because of the Badger's coronavirus outbreak. According to Big Ten protocols for the 2020 season, all 14 teams will only play within the conference. Nevertheless, Nebraska Huskers had looked into the option of playing a non-conference opponent after its game against Wisconsin was called off.

Unfortunately, the Big Ten refused to approve the Huskers' plans to play Chattanooga, but the team has received support from its conference rivals.

Michigan officials are afraid that they will suffer a fate similar to Nebraska

According to 247 Sports, Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines' officials were not happy with the Big Ten's resolution to stop Huskers from playing a non-conference opponent. Officials from both teams feel that the Big Ten has now limited its options moving forward on how other teams will handle a potential coronavirus outbreak. Michigan is scheduled to play Wisconsin on 14th November, but that game could be in jeopardy since it is uncertain whether the Badgers will be healthy enough to take the field.

Wisconsin reported that six players had tested positive for the coronavirus, and they will have to self-isolate for 21 days in line with the Big Ten's protocols. Several Michigan officials are afraid that the team could suffer Nebraska's fate and cancel the Badgers game if the players fail to recover in time.

Nebraska will respect the Big Ten's decision to veto its planned game against Chattanooga

After the Big Ten rejected Nebraska's plans to play Chattanooga, the team's athletic director Bill Moos confirmed that the Huskers would respect the decision. However, Moos pointed out the Power 5 conference had limited its options on dealing with future coronavirus outbreaks.

Nebraska will now have to move on and start preparing for its game against Northwestern on 7th November. However, given the past week's events, players and coaches in the Big Ten conference will have little margin for error in protecting themselves from the coronavirus.

Some media analysts have blamed the Big Ten for having strict coronavirus protocols. While many agree that student-athletes' safety is essential, the 21-day isolation period for players in the Power 5 conference is currently more extended than the CDC recommended 10-14 days. It will be interesting to see how the Big Ten commissioner, Kevin Warren, defends his decision to stop Nebraska Huskers from organizing a replacement game on Saturday. Analysts expect the Huskers to continue challenging the Big Ten for mishandling the 2020 season.