It appears that the Nebraska Huskers cannot catch a break. The Huskers had several controversial calls go against them during their opening day loss against Ohio State. Nebraska’s linebacker, Deontai Williams, was ejected from the game for appearing to tackle a Buckeyes wide receiver with his helmet. However, replays showed that Williams had used his shoulder to make the tackle. After the game, Huskers coach, Scott Frost, revealed that he would appeal the decision and ensure that Williams would against Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the Huskers will not play the Badgers this Saturday after their opponents recorded a coronavirus outbreak.

In a recent interview, Ohio State’s coach, Ryan Day sympathized with Nebraska’s predicament.

Ryan Day has empathized with Nebraska’s ongoing predicament

According to the Buckeyes head coach, Nebraska Huskers should have been allowed an opportunity to organize a replacement game. According to 247 Sports, coach Day sympathized with the Huskers since the players will not display their talents this weekend. He insisted that it was unfair for the Big Ten to stop Nebraska from organizing its intended game against Chattanooga since everyone on the team had done everything right. Coach Day claimed that he felt sorry for Huskers' head coach, Scott Frost. The Ohio State coach empathized with Frost because he had prepared his team to play on Saturday, but he wouldn’t get an opportunity to reap the rewards for all the sacrifices that his players and his coaching staff had made.

Scott Frost and Ryan Day have had a courteous relationship this season

In their recent interviews, Ryan Day and Scott Frost have expressed mutual respect for each other. After the Buckeye’s 52-17 victory over Nebraska last weekend, Coach Day told the media that he would send a text message to his counterpart to apologize for how his team played in the final minutes of the game.

The Ohio State head coach felt that his players inflated the score against the Huskers instead of taking a knee and ending the game. On his part, Coach Frost said that he did not mind the outcome, and he would focus his attention on improving his team.

Unfortunately, Huskers fans will have to wait until November 7th to see their team in action against Northwestern University.

The recent friction between Nebraska Huskers and the Big Ten conference has led some fans to speculate that the Power 5 conference is conspiring against their team. After the Big Ten announced that it would cancel all sporting activities in August, Nebraska did not hide its opposition to the decision. Once the Big Ten reversed its earlier announcement, suspicions were heightened when it handed the Huskers a seemingly difficult schedule. Nebraska was set to play five top 15 ranked teams in its eight games this season. However, the recent cancelation of its game against Wisconsin has driven another wedge in its relationship with the Big Ten conference.