The college football world is still reeling from the recent cancelation of Nebraska’s game against Wisconsin. The two teams were set to face each other on Saturday, but the game was called off on Wednesday after Wisconsin announced that it had discovered 12 coronavirus cases. According to 247 Sports, Badger’s head coach, Paul Chryst, was among those who tested positive and the team’s starting quarterback, Graham Mertz. One week after the Big Ten started its season, a game has already been canceled, and some Huskers’ fans recently took to social media to slam the Power 5 conference for mismanaging the season.

Fans have blasted the Big Ten for mismanaging the 2020 season

Many Nebraska Huskers fans feel that the Big Ten, led by its commissioner, Kevin Warren, has failed to organize the 2020 season. The fans pointed out that Husker’s head coach, Scott Frost, had championed for an earlier start to the season, but the media and other Big Ten officials ridiculed him. However, the Power 5 conference eventually decided to start its season in late October and play an eight-game schedule. According to the Big Ten rules, if teams fail to take to the field because of a coronavirus outbreak, the game will not be rescheduled.

The Big Ten vetoed Nebraska’s attempts to play Chattanooga on Saturday

Ironically, Nebraska Huskers will be the first losers to the Big Ten’s coronavirus protocols.

The robust conference has also vetoed the Huskers’ attempts to organize a replacement game with Chattanooga. Nebraska released a statement to address the situation by claiming that it had tried to organize a game with its non-conference rival, but the Big Ten had refused to approve its request. Husker’s athletic director, Bill Moos, insisted that his team would abide by the decision, and it would move ahead with its preparations against Northwestern on November 7th.

However, some college football fans are now convinced that the Big Ten is conspiring against Nebraska.

Fans have slammed Commissioner Warren for failing to come up with a flexible contingency plan for teams in the Big Ten conference. Huskers’ fans feel that the Big Ten had no right to stop their team from playing Chattanooga since every team in the conference has to play an eight-game schedule.

Nebraska’s chances of making the divisional playoffs are now in jeopardy because the game against Wisconsin will not be rescheduled, and teams have to play eight games to have a chance of qualifying for the playoffs. Analysts have predicted that the conflict between the Big Ten and Nebraska will only intensify in the coming weeks. Even though Wisconsin was unlucky to have a coronavirus outbreak one week after the start of the season, fans feel that the Big Ten should have foreseen such an occurrence and adjusted its protocols to be more flexible.