Even though there are only two months before the college football season kicks off, there are still doubts around the NCAA’s chances of holding a successful season. The Ivy League shocked many fans earlier this month when it announced that it would cancel all its fall games. Fans are waiting to see how other league presidents handle the delicate matter of playing a college football season during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the season, individual teams have resumed their preparations for the season.

Scott Frost prepares the team

This week, Nebraska players posted some workout videos on social media, and the team’s head coach, Scott Frost, is looking forward to preparing his players for the season. In a recent interview, Coach Frost stated that he was looking forward to getting his team up to speed after an extended hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The team only had two practice sessions in March before they were forced to cancel spring training.

After the Big Ten conference announced that teams will only play their rivals in the conference for the upcoming season, Coach Frost has been working with his players while following the strict guidelines set by the conference. Teams will have six-hour sessions with their players until July 23.

For Nebraska, the team has dedicated two hours to film study, and the players have been using the remaining four hours to hit the gym and get themselves in shape. The Husker’s strength coach, Zach Duval, has posted some interesting videos on social media displaying the hard work his players have been putting in since they returned.

Practice regulations

Once teams safely get their players in shape, they will transition to two weeks of increased activity. Players and their coaches will work together for 20 hours every week from July 24th to August 6th. Coach Scott Frost plans to split the hours allocated into eight hours of weight training, six hours of team meetings, and a further six hours of the team on field walkthroughs.

After the two-week period ends, teams will begin practice sessions on August 7th. Coach Frost has supported the gradual training program recommended by the Big Ten Conference.

The cautious resumption of training and practice sessions will be key to a safe and successful season. With no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, Coach Frost feels that the new practice regulations could be here to stay. After seeing training videos for several Husker players, fans hope that the decision-makers in college football find a safe way to get the players on the field for the 2020 season.