Damari Alston could become the next player to sign with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The running back confirmed that the Huskers is on his list of teams to watch for as he narrows down his options. The Georgia resident said that he is impressed by how dedicated the fans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers are. In a recent statement he said, “The fan base is crazy about their football and love it,” reports 247 Sports. He already previously said that he looks for a great athletic program, team chemistry, and coaches scheme in his would-be team.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers offered Alston in early April.

The university joined a major influx of offers for Damari Alston from schools all over the country. Fortunately, Alston is in constant contact with tight ends coach Sean Beckton, which could boost Nebraska’s chances. He said he will visit the university’s Lincoln campus as soon as the COVID-19 dead period is over. Alston will be part of the 2022 class. So far, the Nebraska Huskers has already made 174 offers. The team is still waiting for commitments from these offers.

What to expect from Damari Alston

Alston is currently studying in Atlanta’s Woodward Academy, where he is a high school football star. He is 5-11, 200lb, which could provide a major boost for the offensive line of whichever team will get him.

He is still unrated on 247Sports. More than a year before the National Signing Day for the 2022 class, Alston already has a hefty offers list. Right now, he has a total of 21 offers from different programs in America.

According to Alston, he does not have a favorite yet. But he did list a few programs that interest him, including the Georgia Bulldogs and the Miami Hurricanes.

The South Carolina Gamecocks notably offered Damari Alston a scholarship earlier this month. The Boston College Eagles and the North Carolina Tar Heels followed after a few weeks.

University of Nebraska has high hopes for college football team

Despite the gloomy outlook for the next college football season, it looks like the Nebraska Cornhuskers are optimistic about its chances.

University of Nebraska President Ted Carter said that he still believes the season will push through. According to Carter, the expected start of the college football season is still five months away. He thinks that a lot can still happen between now and late August.

He expressed his hopes that the Lincoln campus will already be open when summer ends. He also teased that there are discussions to postpone the start of the season. In a way, Carter’s optimism is bolstered by the relatively low number of COVID-19 cases in Nebraska. He hopes that his state and other parts of America will soon get back to some sense of normalcy. Let us know what you think about Damari Alston, put your comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for more Nebraska Huskers updates.