The world is stressed as the spread of the coronavirus bug is far from over. Events and sporting leagues have been hit hard because of this and WWE is no exception as they continue to air both Smackdown and Raw minus the big crowd. That said, there were reports suggesting that because of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases the wrestler known as the Big Dog – Roman Reigns is said to be closely monitored by doctors. Also, a recent episode saw some interesting stuff and one of the most notable was The Undertaker’s change of persona and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s botched Stunner finisher on Byron Saxton to which he apologized.

WWE docs keeping an eye on Roman Reigns

Dave Meltzer talked about it in his recent Observer Radio broadcast where he said that WWE doctors are monitoring Roman Reigns since the Big Dog has “a weakened immune system to a degree because the CML (Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia) is in him for life.” Meltzer added, “CML is one of those things that come back and you know, likely will and he’ll likely to go through the same scenario that he did.” He went on to say that it’s one of the things that’s not really good as far as risk goes.

Roman Reigns fans might remember that back in 2018, he revealed to the entire WWE Universe that his illness is back and he must take some time off to treat it anew. The following year, Reigns announced that his CML is in remission again, meaning while he’s still in tip-top shape, there’s still a possibility that it might return during his lifetime.

In one of his recent tweets, Roman Reigns posted an image of him on the cover of the Muscle & Fitness magazine. Here’s to hoping that Big Dog’s sickness won’t come back...ever.

CM Punk on Reigns

Still on the Big Dog, now that it has been making rounds that WWE plans to move their biggest annual event, WrestleMania to their Performance Center, former Wrestling superstar CM Punk took a dig at Roman Reigns over on Twitter.

Per his tweet, he stated, “well that’s one way to make sure Roman finally gets booed and nobody chants for me.” Someone replied, asking if he’s begging for a return like he (Punk) did on “Backstage.” The “best in the world” answered back pointing out that he’s not the one “begging for a match” with him at Mania.

‘Dead square in the balls’ Stone Cold Stunner

Stone Cold, on the other hand, celebrated 3:16 Day on Raw by chugging cans of his so-called Steveweisers (Broken Skull Ipa) and giving WWE announcer Byron Saxton a Stunner he’d never forget. In the video, it can be seen that the Texas Rattlesnake’s foot landed on Saxton’s family jewels before giving the announcer his signature finisher.

Austin took to Twitter to sincerely apologize for what happened and went on, advising Saxton to “ice ‘em down for 20 minutes every hour.” It may well seem that it’s all good for Saxton as he took the Rattlesnake’s advice and even asked if they are still cool.