The novel coronavirus has disrupted this year’s sports calendar leading to many leagues canceling or postponing their events. The NCAA canceled this year’s March Madness tournament while the NBA suspended its league. College football is currently in its off-season, but the virus has affected spring training. Nebraska Huskers had to cancel its spring training practices as well as its spring training game scheduled for April 18th, reports 247 Sports.

Nebraska Huskers hope they can still hold practice sessions in May or June when the coronavirus threat is hopefully under control.

In the meantime, the team has been scouting players for its 2021 recruiting class. Among their many targets is Maximus Gibbs, an offensive lineman out of St. Jude Bosco high school.

Gibbs’ size makes him a must-have prospect for many college programs

Maximus Gibbs is a three-star prospect whose huge size makes him a fascinating addition to any offensive line. The 6-foot-6, 330-pound offensive lineman can play at guard or tackle. He moves well for his size, but scouts have advised him to monitor his weight. Gibbs has heeded their advice and has been working on maintaining his current weight by carrying out common fitness techniques. In a recent interview, the young offensive lineman said he has been spending a lot of time at the gym.

“I've been doing jump rope; I'm going to the gym to do like elliptical. I have a trainer who is helping me with my footwork and my pass blocking techniques and my line blocking techniques.”

The Huskers are among the many teams going after Gibbs

Due to Gibbs’ size and agility, many college programs think he can be a great asset on their team.

In addition to Nebraska Husker’s offer, Gibbs has offers from Alabama, Arizona State, Florida, Florida State, Kansas, Massachusetts, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, USC, and Washington State. The Huskers will have a tough time convincing Gibbs to join their program given the level of competition they are up against.

Gibbs is yet to visit with the Huskers, but he has already visited Florida and Florida State.

Nebraska Huskers will have to step up their recruiting efforts if they are to land the versatile offensive lineman. Landing Gibbs would give Nebraska a variety of options at the position after two players committed to the program. Teddy Prochazka and Henry Lutovsky have already committed to the Huskers, and adding Gibbs would give them depth at the position moving forward. Lutovsky is 6-foot-6, 295-pounds and plays at Mount Pleasant high school while Prochazka is a 6-foot-8, 280-pound four-star prospect from Elkhorn South high school.