The New England Patriots will take several steps back if veteran quarterback Tom Brady leaves the team, according to an NFC assistant coach, per Bleacher Report columnist Mike Freeman. In his column, Freeman said the NFC assistant coach, whom he didn’t name, said the Patriots will be greatly affected once the quarterback, who has carried them to six Super Bowl titles, leaves. In turn, the NFC assistant coach believes that the 42-year-old Brady can turn a non-playoff team into a postseason contender. A playoff team could evolve into a Super Bowl team if it signs Brady.

As of now, four teams, other than the Patriots, are prominently mentioned as interested in Brady’s services; the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Tennessee Titans and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Of the four, only the Titans made it to the postseason. The Raiders are reportedly ready to offer Brady a two-year deal worth $60 million.

According to Freeman, the Patriots should pause and appreciate Brady, who is being regarded as superhero by coaches. He added that interested teams don’t view Brady’s age as an issue, but his presence is considered a singular force that could bring immediate and radical change for the better. “Brady isn't perfect, but he's the closest thing to perfect the NFL has ever seen,” said Freeman, adding that the league and the Patriots will never see another player like Brady again when he retires.

If Brady leaves, Freeman said the Patriots will struggle to find a good quarterback, a search that could take years or sometimes even decades, based on the experience by the Cleveland Browns.

Kraft wants Brady back but Belichick makes final decision

After UFC president Dana White appeared to be wooing his friend Brady to join the Raiders during their live Instagram video, White revealed that he received a call from Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

During his Thursday interview on WEEI’s “Ordway, Merloni, and Fauria,” White said Kraft was not happy with the video. But White said he explained to Kraft that he should have listened to the whole interview. White added that Kraft told him that the Patriots are strongly interested in signing Brady. “Mr. Kraft wants Tom Brady to be with the Patriots so bad,” said White.

However, it was reported earlier that Kraft won’t meddle with head coach Bill Belichick’s decision on Brady’s future.

Titans coach explains FaceTime with Brady

When Brady and teammate Julian Edelman went to a Syracuse basketball game over the weekend, they were spotted FaceTiming Titans head coach Mike Vrabel, who played linebacker for the Patriots for several years. Many thought that Vrabel was making a pitch to Brady, but the head coach explained his side during an interview with NFL Network's "Good Morning Football." Vrabel likened the call to a “conversation you would have with your girlfriends on a weekend”, stressing that his relationship with Brady goes back to 2001. "Those friendships aren't just going to stop or not continue to grow and develop now that I'm a head coach and he's a quarterback with an expiring contract,” Vrabel insisted.