Now that the college football season is officially here, it appears some old Nebraska football foes have decided it's time to air decades-old grievances. First, there was the former Michigan football player who still wants to square off against the 1997 Huskers.

Now there's a Penn State fan on Twitter who seems to think the Nittany Lions were wronged back in 1994. The fan even laid out just why he believes Penn State was better than the Nebraska football team, even if the logic behind his assertions didn't really match up.

How the pancake became a thing for Nebraska football

The discussion started off innocently enough. Pick Six Previews was doing a "back in the day" look at some old Big Ten squads and just how good they were. They pointed out that when talking about an offensive lineman "pancaking" their opponent on a block, the term seems to have originated with Nebraska.

They also pointed out the 1994 Cornhuskers had a "whole lot" of pancakes. They also pointed out the 1995 line didn't allow a single sack all season. While most people were noticeably impressed, there was one Penn State fan that took the opportunity to grind his axe about a season that occurred 25 years ago.

"Also PSU won the title in 1994 not Nebraska - not one Nebraska - o line player could have started at PSU that year - every player on the 1994 offense - starter - was drafted the following year," the user posted.

Unsurprisingly, Nebraska football fans came out of the woodwork to point out just how wrong the user was about a number of different things.

Some people attempted to debate him on the merits of his argument. Others just sat back and laughed at what they believed was something not rooted in reality.

Nebraska football, Penn State and the draft

The most interesting part of the Penn State fan's argument was that "all" of the offensive starters from the 1994 team were drafted the following year. He also seemed to place this as the key piece of proof the Nittany Lions were better than the Huskers.

One Cornhusker fan pointed out that not only didn't every offensive starter get drafted the following year, but Nebraska had more players drafted in both the 1994 and 1995 drafts.

While the Penn State fan responded that "The Amazing Daniel" was just wrong, he provided no evidence why he thought that.

It turns out the Husker fan was accurate when it came to the number of players drafted. In the PSU fan's defense, KiJana Carter was the first player drafted overall, who was a Penn State player.

On the flipside, Carter was not an offensive lineman. It's still not clear just what this Penn State fan thought he was doing, but Nebraska football fans once again showed people can't talk smack about Husker greats without getting reality shoved in their faces.