While the Nebraska football team is gearing up for the 2019 season, it appears one former Michigan football player is living in the past. Former All-American Jon Jansen appears fed up with the debate over who was the better team back in 1997. On Wednesday, he took to Twitter to issue a direct challenge to Scott Frost. "Play us."

To be clear, Jansen wasn't saying that Nebraska should play Michigan this year. He also wasn't saying that if the Huskers could take on the Wolverines, it would somehow determine the winner of the 1997 National Championship.

Jansen was challenging Scott Frost and the rest of the 1997 Cornhuskers to play Jansen and the rest of the 1997 Michigan squad, on the football field.

'Lets go settle it'

The issue seems to have popped up again when one Twitter user asked Jansen what he thought about Frost's comments on a show that aired on the Big Ten Network earlier this week. "Just turned on BTN in time to hear Scott Frost on the '97 Nebraska show say: "I don't think anyone could have taken the field and beat us" what say you?" She asked the former lineman.

Jansen apparently took the bait, responding, "The first of two National Championships he campaigned for.

We are still ready, anytime, anywhere... Let’s go and settle it on the field, my team is ready." He tagged both Tom Brady and Charles Woodson in the tweet.

It appears that the fact the Huskers managed to win a National Championship has stuck in his craw. It makes sense that he would still be annoyed by it, as challenging dozens of players who hung up the cleats a long time ago is more than a little silly.

Never going to happen

It should also be pointed out this game is never going to happen. The people that would have playied in the game have indeed retired from football a long time ago. There is also the point that even if the two schools did manage to put a game together, it wouldn't determine anything.

Jansen seems to think the squads that suited up 20 years ago are the same level of talent as they are now.

There isn't a safer bet in the world than the one guessing most of the players on the 1997 Nebraska football team and the 1997 Michigan team are ridiculously out of shape. Even if they are closer to Scott Frost's build, they aren't in football shape.

With the college football season having fully arrived now, these kinds of stories are going to get some attention There are always guys that seem to have a problem leaving the past in the past. When it comes to Nebraska's head coach, he was asked the question in the BTN program. Jansen's response was also egged on, though he took it to another level.

Perhaps the two schools will meet up this season and forge some new bragging rights. Of course, in order to do that, Nebraska and Michigan will have to face off in the Big Ten Title Game.