Last season, the Buffalo Bills struggled with consistency at the punter position. Colton Schmidt, who averaged just 33.8 yards per punt, according to Fox Sports, was released in the middle of the season. The player who replaced him, Cory Bojorquez, was almost as inconsistent. That left Buffalo in a precarious situation entering the 2019 season at the position.

Corey vs. Cory

The Buffalo Bills brought in Cory Carter to compete with Bojorquez in training camp and the preseason. Both punters struggled with consistency in preseason games, as each showed flashes of talent in certain points during those games.

Unfortunately, Corey Bojorquez managed to net just 39.2 yards per punt, toward the bottom of the league among all preseason punters. Cory Carter didn't fare much better, and was released by the Bills.

Britton Colquitt and a new punter

The Bills clearly weren't happy with Bojorquez's performance in the preseason, as they went out tried to sign veteran Britton Colquitt.

Unfortunately for Buffalo, Colquitt changed his mind before he could sign in Buffalo. The veteran punter ended up signing with Minnesota instead, as he had a prior connection to the team.

This left the Bills with just one option at punter, unless they were willing to listen to free agent punter Jake Schum.

Schum posted the following message on Twitter, hoping that somebody in the Bills front office would listen:

The free agent punter makes some good points, as he does have experience with the weather in Buffalo.

If Sean McDermott is unhappy with Bojorquez, it could make sense to bring in a guy like Schum for a workout. The Bills were willing to bring Colquitt in, so at this point it's certainly possible.

Fortunately, Corey has been hitting some solid punts in practice, and it certainly seems like he knows that he is under the microscope.

Of course, it is just practice. In game action, Bojorquez has performed poorly, and head coach Sean McDermott can't be comfortable with sending out a punter who might shank one. The Buffalo Bills are built around defense, and solid punting has to be a part of that strategy. If Bojorquez can't be consistent, it's hard to not see the Bills looking elsewhere for help.

Bills @ Jets in Week 1

Bills fans will get to see their punter in action on Sunday in week 1 in what should be a fairly low scoring game against the New York Jets. The field position battle will likely play a huge role in the game, so Buffalo better hope that Bojorquez can be consistent in real game action after a good week of practice. If he plays poorly, the Buffalo Bills might actually have to listen to Jake Schum and consider signing him to a deal.