Now that Ben Zobrist is back with the Chicago Cubs, it was expected there would be nothing but celebrating. Instead, the reaction by some Cubs fan has been confusion and outrage.

At the heart of the issue is the way the team decided to go about bringing Zobrist back into the fold. That approach has left the Cubs with an aging utilityman who, by his own admission, isn't really ready to be a contributor to the team.

This comes after over a month of the Cubs talking about what the addition of Zobrist will mean for their pennant race chances.

Getting more outrage

A Bleacher Report article appears to have annoyed some Chicago Cubs fans with the Ben Zobrist situation. One user posted a long diatribe laying out why exactly they didn't feel as though things were being handled properly.

"The Cubs have known for over a month he wanted to come back. Why in the f--- were they preparing for his return by playing him two times a week at most? What exactly was the point of all the talk about him coming back if they never expected him to really contribute? And how is the front office ok with that?"

They went on to add their displeasure isn't about Zobrist stepping away from the Chicago Cubs in the first place.

The user said they understood that family was more important than baseball but then stated, "if you're gonna come back, you gotta come all the way back, that means treating this like any other rehab. Not playing when you feel like it."

They ended the post by saying they didn't understand why there wasn't more outrage about how the Cubs had dealt with Zobrist's return.

It turns out there were more than a few people who agreed they weren't happy.

Another user agreed and explained he had high hopes for Zobrist while he waited for the return, but is disappointed now. "I was a fool to think he’d be a positive contributor." They posted.

Chicago Cubs losing is adding fuel to the fire

There is very little doubt that if the Cubs were in a better position in the pennant race, the confusion over the handling of Ben Zobrist would be tamped down a bit.

The press conference that welcomed the utilityman back was directly following a 1-0 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers.

On Sunday, the team lost again, this time 4-0. That put the squad in a bad position both in their hunt for the NL Central crown and the wild card spot. Considering the Chicago Cubs had been talking about how much his presence was going to be helping them, talk that he wouldn't be playing all that often didn't go down well.

If the team doesn't turn around a recent string of losses, it's a safe bet the fanbase is only going to be more annoyed by the way the Chicago Cubs have handled the season.