Back in 2017, the Buffalo Bills liked Zay Jones so much that they were willing to trade up in the 2nd round to ensure his selection. Since then, he's been a bit of a mixed bag. In 2018, he led a weak wide receiving corps with 56 receptions for 652 receiving yards and seven touchdowns. Unfortunately, Jones has also had some problems with drops in his career, including in the 2019 preseason:

Those drops and struggles have led to speculation that Zay is either on the trading block or in danger of being cut.

It would be shocking if Sean McDermott chose to cut a second-round pick from just two seasons ago, but that's exactly what Zay Jones' Mom believes will happen.

Zay Jones and his Parents

A recent tweet from Maneesha Jones suggests that she believes Zay will no longer be with the Buffalo Bills in a short period of time:

The two individuals in the tweet are Sammy Watkins and Marquise Goodwin, who have both gone on to find success with other teams. It's a bit premature to post something like this when Zay is still a Buffalo Bill, but when he is playing into the 4th quarter of preseason games, it seems reasonable to be fearful.

The father of Zay Jones was also involved in some drama on Twitter, as he criticized Bills fans who complained about Cole Beasley's fumble on Twitter.

Following this tweet, Zay Jones had his father delete his Twitter account to avoid any further unnecessary drama surrounding the situation.

Hopefully, he will be able to focus on playing a good week 4 game against the Minnesota Vikings to secure a roster spot and prove his Mom's Tweet wrong.

Bills Wide Receivers

The starting Bills wide receivers will be slot receiver Cole Beasley and deep threat John Brown. After that, the competition is wide open. Return man, Andre Roberts should make the team thanks to his abilities at that position.

Duke Williams has had a huge preseason. Robert Foster proved that he could be an NFL receiver with several big plays last year, including this huge play against the Jaguars:

Isaiah McKenzie can do a little bit of everything for the Bills and is an effective gadget player that Buffalo loves to utilize when possible. It seems like a majority of these guys already have established roles on the Bills roster, so Zay Jones is going to need to impress, in the final week of preseason, and it's going to leave Sean McDermott with a tough decision.

It's really hard to believe that Buffalo would cut a third-year player like Zay Jones, but perhaps Zay Jones' Mom knows something that nobody else does.

He's just 24 years old and still has plenty of potential, even if he still does have some drop issues to work out.

The Buffalo Bills will open their 2019 season with a road game against Sam Darnold and the New York Jets.