Could Jalen Ramsey end up with the Kansas City Chiefs after all? After initial reports said the team was done looking for help in the defensive backfield on Tuesday, it appears the hunt is still on. Joining that hunt are some interesting names such as Tyreek Hill and Tyrann Mathieu.

The ever-changing story in Jacksonville

The drama first unfolded in the AFC South during the Jacksonville Jaguars' contest on Sunday. During that game, Ramsey and head coach Doug Marrone could be seen arguing about something on the sideline. The argument grew so heated it appeared punches were about to be thrown.

Shortly after the game, the talented defensive back announced he was looking to be traded. It turns out he was just one of two young corners who wanted out of Florida.

Miami Dolphins' star defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick also asked out of town and was granted his wish when he was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Reports out of Kansas City said the Chiefs were players in those trade talks, but the Steelers won out because their first-round draft pick is expected to be earlier than KC's.

That brings us to some topsy turvy reporting Tuesday morning and afternoon. Several reporters claimed the Chiefs didn't want to disturb the locker room by bringing in Ramsey.

Others said the Kansas City Chiefs were of course still interested in getting the Jaguars' star.

It now appears those saying the folks at Arrowhead are interested were right, as several players took to Twitter to show their love for Ramsey.

Chiefs players want the talented star in town

One of the most interesting aspects of this story is just which players are campaigning for the addition of Jalen Ramsey. Tyreek Hill, who was injured in week one of the season thanks to a big hit by Ramsey was among the first to take to the social media and start recruiting him.

Tweeting at the player was one thing. Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Tyrann Mathieu did Hill one better. He reached out to both Ramsey and his agent, who will, of course, be helping to handle any trade talks.

The Kansas City Chiefs have made no secret of the fact they want to soup up their defense in 2019.

The team reportedly made a play for Arizona Cardinals cornerback of the summer but were told he wasn't available. They also brought in Mathieu and defensive end Frank Clark to beef up their attack.

If the reports on Minkah Fitzpatrick are to be believed, the Chiefs are willing to part with a first-round pick. That's also reportedly the asking price from Jacksonville to part with Jalen Ramsey. While the Jags' defender is talking as though he'll be ready to play in Florida on Sunday, most analysts believe a deal could be done before game day with one of the many suitors lined up.