Minkah Fitzpatrick's efforts to get out of Miami appear to be coming to a head. New rumblings, first reported by Jason La Canfora say the young defensive back could be dealt as soon as Tuesday. That appears to be very good news for Kansas City Chiefs fans. La Canfora says one of the teams that are hot on the heels of the young stud is indeed KC.

The Chiefs are going to have to pay a pretty penny if they want to land the defensive back. The question is going to be whether or not they are willing to pay the asking price. Miami is said to be looking for first-round pick type value.

It's not clear whether that means the Dolphins need an actual first-round pick, or whether they would take a player that grades out that way. Asking price isn't the only hurdle Kansas City is facing. They are far from the only team that is pursuing Fitzpatrick.

Several teams on the same trail as the Kansas City Chiefs

La Canfora says the Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, and Philadelphia Eagles are all in on the bidding as well.

This is one of the reasons the Dolphins are expected to make a move fairly quickly. That's both good and bad news for Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Monday has already been a day of rumors, especially when it comes to KC's defensive backfield. Talk of Patrick Peterson still getting dealt sparked up again as well. Fitzpatrick and Peterson aren't the only defensive backs that are thought to be on the trade block.

A position that is one of the most sought after in the NFL is suddenly flooded with talent and teams that could be willing to trade that talent.

Jalen Ramsey on the market as well

Kansas City Chiefs fans were already monitoring the situation in Jacksonville after Sunday's fireworks. Those fireworks included the All-Pro defensive back actually throwing punches at his head coach.

It surprised no one in Florida that by Monday afternoon, Jalen Ramsey was asking for a way out of town.

It isn't clear just what started the fight or how it got to the point where Ramsey wants out. it's also not clear if the Jaguars are willing to listen to offers. While reports that he asked for trade were confirmed by his agent, the team has not issued a comment one way or another.

For his part, Jags' head coach Marrone said he just thought there was a lot of emotion in the team's nail-biting loss. He also owned up in his part in feeding into that emotion. Video of the near fist fight shows members of Jacksonville bench having to pull the coach away from his defensive star.

For their part, the Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a stellar defensive performance where they allowed just 10 points to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. They have not said if they are officially in the market for another defensive back.