Contrary to rumblings earlier this week, the Kansas City Chiefs will not be landing Patrick Peterson any time soon. A new report surfaced on Tuesday morning saying the Chiefs did indeed want to land the Arizona defensive back, but they were rebuffed.

It appears the team contacted the Cardinals during the summer, shortly after he was suspended. This was about the same time reports surfaced Peterson wanted out of the desert. While the Cards were told their star defensive player wasn't happy, the team also believes it can patch things up.

The new reports surrounding Peterson said the Kansas City Chiefs inquired and were "emphatically told no" according to correspondent, Jeffri Chadiha.

If sources inside the Chiefs organization can be believed, it appears the Chiefs are going to stand pat, as they also won't be going after the Jacksonville Jaguars' Jalen Ramsey.

Chiefs locker room set?

Also according to Chadiha, KC has no interest in Ramsey. Some might think the first-round draft pick asking price is too steep. The flipside of that is the Chiefs were reportedly in on the talks for former Dolphins' defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Reports late Monday night say the Chiefs were indeed talking to the Dolphins about their defensive back. Those same reports say it came down to when Miami would have been drafting. The 0-2 Pittsburgh Steelers appear to be entering a rebuilding year.

The team just found out it lost its starting quarterback. They've also lost their top receiver and running back in the offseason. Sources say Miami believes they will get a very early pick from Pittsburgh's first-round pick.

The Kansas City Chiefs, on the other hand, are 2-0 and are placed near the top of the NFL power rankings by most analysts.

That would mean a first-round pick from KC would be much later in the draft.

Ramsey gets a pass

The Fitzpatrick trade showed teams are willing to pay a first-round pick fee for a talented defensive back. The Jaguars are said to be asking the same. Still, Kansas City Chiefs insiders say at this point the team's locker room "is too good right now"

It's worth pointing out Kansas City is coming off a 28-10 win over the Oakland Raiders.

A defense that was rebuilt from the ground up, including a new defensive coordinator this offseason, didn't look much different in the team's season opener against Jacksonville.

Against the division-rival Raiders, front-office sources say they were heartened by the improvement from week 1 to week 2. With Patrick Peterson and Minkah Fitzpatrick off the market, the Kansas City Chiefs are saying they are content to stand pat and see what happens over the course of the next few weeks.