Today, at 9 pm there will be the first semi-final of the Women's World Cup. The decisive match will be played in France, at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais. The stadium will also host the match between Holland and Sweden on July 3rd as well as the final next Sunday. Both American and English national football teams are very strong. The defending World Cup champion U.S. women are the favorite. The Live action will be on FOX in streaming at 8pm tonight (BST). The two strong teams, more aggressive than ever, arrive at the decisive appointment, after defeating Spain and France (United States) and Cameroon and Norway (England).

However, the game won't be as simple as it sounds. The U.S. women's team will have to deal with opponents with exceptional physical strength and great technical ability, especially on the side bands. We are sure that we will witness a great football show, which may have unexpected surprises. Who will win the semi-final?

Probable formations ENGLAND (4-3-3): Bardsley; Bronze, Houghton, Bright, Stokes; Kirby, Jill Scott, Walsh; Parris, White, Duggan. UNITED STATES (4-3-3): Naeher; O'Hara, Dahlkemper, Sauerbrunn, Dunn; Lavelle, Ertz, Mewis; Heath, Morgan, Rapino.

Halftime score: United States 2, England 1

The match is arbitrated by the Brazilian Edina Alves Batista. The two teams, after their respective national anthems, prepare for the conquest of the victory.

USA immediately showed themselves to be dangerous, finding a rather weak defense in their opponents.

At 6' comes the first punishment from the limit of Christen Press. Christen Press scored 10', England-USA 0-1. The USA didn't lower their concentration and continued to control the ball. It will be a tough feat for England.

At the 19', twist: England-USA 1-1 after the goal of the english striker Ellen White.

Whit this goal, Ellen White overtook Alex Morgan and won the title of best scorer of the World Cup.

Two minutes later, on 31', the USA comeback arrives with the goal of Alex Morgan, who flies at 6 goals in the World Cup.

No other women's World Cup team has scored more goals so far. English player Mille Bright takes her first yellow card of the match at 40'.

The United States had almost total control of the first half, taking advantage of two goals. However, they must not lower their game guard, as England, once the situation is unlocked, becomes quite dangerous.

Second half: red card for England

England benches Bethany Mead and replaces her with Francesca Kirby at 58'. Ellen White scores a goal at 67 minutes but it's cancelled to England for offside. Subsequently, Jde Moore replaces Keira Walsh.

The referee reviews the images at the VAR about Sauerbrunn's foul on White and sets a penalty kick for England, which is blocked.

Red card for England at 88'.

The USA are back into the world cup final

The two teams are getting tired. USA must keep the lead, but England still tries, although it is an almost impossible feat. The minutes pass fast without great actions. The semi-final Women's World Cup England vs Usa ends 1-2. The US girls have once again managed to dominate the field.