Kareem Hunt might be in trouble, yet again. Just how much trouble he's in isn't yet known. It's entirely possible he'll be in no trouble at all. That's where the Cleveland Browns and their fans are sitting on Tuesday morning.

The confusion over what exactly is happening in Ohio these days stems from rumors that the Browns' running back got himself into a bar fight over the weekend. As of now, those rumors have not been confirmed.

What has been confirmed is that something happened at an establishment Hunt was frequenting. What we now know is that there is security cam footage of the Cleveland Browns' player talking to police outside the bar.

We also know the team has spoken with Hunt. They aren't talking about what was said or what they determined after those comments. The state of Ohio is officially in the dark.

'I saw him push you'

As Sports Illustrated reports, this whole situation could be much ado about nothing. It could even be a situation where the Cleveland Browns are going to be able to point at this situation as signs that Hunt has grown and learned. It's possible the running back is the victim in this particular scenario.

The question is whether or not Kareem Hunt has the ability to say "I was just minding my own business" when it comes to going to a bar and getting into an altercation. So far, it appears he's got some room to do that, it's whether or not the people that matter are going to believe him.

SI reports that while there aren't a ton of details that can be lifted from the video, we can see that one of the police officers talking to Hunt tells him, "I saw him push you." We also know that no one was arrested, and no report was filed.

Much ado about nothing?

The Cleveland Browns and the NFL have both spoken to Kareem Hunt, who is already under an eight-game suspension this season. So far, neither party is saying what they have found. The fact that there wasn't even a report filed has to be good news.

The issue is whether that also means this is the end of it.

There are plenty of Cleveland fans who were not remotely happy that Hunt was out at the bars this weekend.

The rebuttal to that is that he's a grown man, who should be allowed to go wherever he wants to go in public. He is not a convict out on parole. He doesn't need to check in with anyone and ask if he can go here or there.

Hunt doesn't need to be cleared to go to a bar, but there are always going to be negative connotations with him doing that sort of thing, considering his recent past. Alcohol played a big part in why he's been suspended for eight weeks. Hunt has admitted that.

The good news is that it doesn't appear the running back is going to be suspended for this situation. The bad news is, Kareem Hunt could be a ticking time bomb for the Cleveland Browns.