LeBron James posted a photo to reveal his new headband while he wore his number 6 Lakers jersey and fans reacted to it. He dumped his old number 23 jersey when Anthony Davis moved across to the Lakers. NBC.com reported that "Lakers star LeBron James has reportedly given up his No 23 jersey to Davis (who has worn that number his entire NBA career)." People speculated that LeBron might go for number 6 as a replacement. Actually, The Spun reminded fans that LeBron used that number when he played in Miami. Additionally, they said, "LeBron was arguably at his NBA peak in the No 6 jersey, winning two championships with the Miami Heat.

He also wore the number for Team USA and in practice with the Cavs and Lakers."

New headband shared by LeBron James, fans react

Tuesday night, 'King' James took to his Instagram account and posted up the photo. He's looking lean and mean in his number 6 jersey. The number six looks proud on him, but some fans who bought the old number 23 jersey weren't so rocked by it. One of them noted, "I bought your #23 jersey 2 days before you changed it to #6..." That poster took a lot of flak about wanting a refund. Meanwhile, others teased that James would soon change to another team anyway. Others suggested that LeBron's number 23 jersey would fast become a collector's item now.

Actually, more people were impressed by the headband James wore.

He wrote, "Kung Fu King, Bruce Lee-Bron”?? IDK." Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @chef**: "Yessssss with the headband!!"
  • @sau**: "hats bandanna Bron."
  • @big**: "headband bron is the GOAT!!!!!!"
  • @9bl**: "aye head band bron is a beast."
  • @bran**: "Had you been practicing your art, you’d know your way around the dark."
  • @mge**: "more like how to find another way to hide that 6 head hairline!!. we about to run full court game on that forehead!"

James wore Number 6, then 23, shares No 6 pic

Before James went across to the Lakers from Cleveland Cavaliers, people were not sure what number he'd take over there.

Recall that on his second venture with Cleveland he wore number 23. The first time he did a season there, he wanted the number 23 "retired in honor of Michael Jordan," Yahoo sports noted.

He kept the same number last season at Lakers. In fact, that whole season was a bit of a disaster for Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron injured himself at Christmas and came back too late to help them get through the playoffs.

Maybe the new headband will be kind this year and bring Lebron James a season that takes Lakers to the finals. Overall, the number six jersey also seemed to go down well with LeBron James fans. Over nearly two and a half million people liked the post that showed him in his new headband with the number 6 jersey

What do you think of the jersey and the new headband? Do you think LeBron James looks like a mean machine?

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