The Anthony Davis Lakers' rumors are heating up as reports arrived on Monday suggesting the New Orleans Pelicans have opened up possibilities. A report from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski shed new light on the fact that the Pelicans could work with a multi-team deal. That gives teams that are the frontrunners like the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers more to work with. Here are more details on when a potential Davis deal could take place.

Four NBA teams inquired about Davis trade

It's mentioned in Woj's report that the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the teams that have made inquiries with the New Orleans Pelicans about Davis.

Also joining the conversation have been the fellow LA team, the Clippers, as well as New York's Knicks and Brooklyn Nets. Davis has seemed to pencil in the Knicks and Lakers as the two teams he'd sign a long-term deal with.

The good news for the teams involved is they have some room to work with now. The New York Knicks own the No. 3 pick in the NBA Draft. The Los Angeles Lakers hold the No. 4 pick. Those will be enticing trade assets for a deal with New Orleans who already has the No. 1 pick. In addition, both teams have some young stars, but it seems the Lakers may have more to offer. If they can find another team to help out, even better.

Woj mentions that the Lakers may be able to interest a third team in helping out by trading some of their younger players to them rather than New Orleans.

That could include some of the players who had their names in trade headlines during the past NBA season. They were Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and Josh Hart, among others.

When the Anthony Davis trade could happen

There's no set deadline right now for a trade. However, it's been mentioned that the Pelicans may want to make something happen before June 20.

That's when the NBA Draft 2019 event arrives. By having a deal done and some picks acquired before then, they can invite other prospective draft picks in for tryouts.

Adrian Wojnarowski suggested a deal could even happen as soon as this coming weekend.

That would certainly make Lakers fans happy as they'd finally have that second NBA star alongside LeBron James. Anthony Davis' skills would certainly make a great addition to the Los Angeles Lakers even if it means giving up several of their current roster members.

One thing has already been established by several basketball insiders. That is that the Lakers need to make a big move to keep superstar LeBron James happy. Adding Anthony Davis is certainly that sort of move and there's no doubt that AD probably wants a chance to win a title. Playing alongside LeBron gives him that opportunity he didn't have in New Orleans.