The NBA finals fly to Toronto. The fifth game of the series may be the last. The Raptors want to avoid the three-peat of the Warriors who have been winning the NBA for the past two years. Until the last moment, it will not be known if Steve Kerr can count on Kevin Durant, who was his best player at the start of the playoffs. The Scotiabank Arena will be the stadium that hosts today's game, the most important in the history of the Canadians. Those like Nick Nurse have permission to dream, but you can never assume dead for a champion team like the Gold State Warriors.

The arrival of Kawhi

The Toronto franchise is able to start writing their name in the triumphant history of the NBA. Everything has come through the great hands of Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi is the player who has changed the 'losing mentality' that the Canadian team brought. The most optimistic could expect something like that since the exchange of DeRozan by Leonard. However, the past didn’t allow them to believe one hundred percent in a team that has not yet won a ring and didn't previously make it to an NBA final.

With the Eastern Conference more competitive over the last years, the Raptors obtained second place behind Golden State in the West. Then they beat Orlando, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee in fabulous playoffs.

In those games, you could see something impressive as the historic basket of Leonard against the Sixers closed the tie.

The playoffs are always the best scenario for the great players, on which all eyes are focused. There, among the biggest, is Kawhi Leonard. According to Hispanos NBA, the Californian is averaging very good stats: 31.1 points, 9.1 rebounds, and 3.9 assists.

In addition, he has 50 percent accuracy in field goals, 39 percent in 3-pointers and 89 percent in free throws in 39 minutes that he played per game. All this has motivated the players in the Toronto franchise.

Different roles

Lowry has changed his playing style, takes fewer shots than in previous years and, thus, has become more important in the Canadian franchise.

The progress of Siakam, candidate for Most Improved Player of the Year, has been the biggest surprise for Toronto and has become a very important player for Nick Nurse. Marc Gasol, always strong in defense, fundamental to the fluid and quick game of the team, manages all the intangibles even having less weight in attack than he had in Memphis, is a key piece.

The importance of supporting actors

VanVleet has gone from less to more in these playoffs, has become a starter in the warm minutes, and has been instrumental in the victories against the Warriors, scoring important shots. To end the rotation of Nurse, two players of the team -- Ibaka, always intimidating, with good percentages in the final and fundamental in the victory of game 4, reported -- Danny Green, a defending warrior, very important in the third match of the series.

The Raptors have become a serious franchise with multiple variants in attack and defense. Each of the players is aware of their role within the basketball court. Today the Raptors can be taken to the top of basketball by the hand of Nick Nurse and, of course, Kawhi Leonard. informs that the match will be today at 9 o'clock in the evening.