There's no doubt that Los Angeles Lakers rumors are huge right now as the team is looking to improve their roster for next season. While they failed in LeBron's debut season, there is now speculation that the window for failure won't be open much more. Reportedly, King James could leave the team if he's unhappy with what they're able to do in the coming months. Luckily, the team seems to have options in front of them, as long as the front office takes advantage.

LeBron era could end if Lakers fail this summer

As Lakers' trade rumors pop up, so does speculation about LeBron's future.

A recent episode of The Sedano Show featured the Los Angeles Times' Bill Plaschke along with ESPN's Dave McMenamin. They were on hand to discuss the hot topic of Los Angeles Lakers basketball.

Both insiders said they've heard that the upcoming Lakers' offseason moves will be critical in terms of the LeBron era. In fact, Plaschke said he just recently heard the "LeBron era could be over before it starts" if the team is unsuccessful.

Plaschke mentioned that he heard from "somebody very connected" that should LA fail this offseason, "LeBron's going to say either I'm out of here or get me out of here, or the Lakers just might as well just get him out of here."

ESPN's McMenamin added his thoughts on the matter.

He said "it's going to be a crucial five-week stretch" in reference to the upcoming offseason. McMenamin mentioned that the team needs to bring in a star that makes the team an immediate contender with LeBron. He also named "Nic Vucevic" as an example of someone that the team might end up with who may not fit those criteria for LeBron and the Lakers to contend.

So basically, it's time for the Los Angeles Lakers' front office to put the pedal to the metal and speed up their team's contention. Otherwise, based on the insiders' comments, LeBron could ask for a trade. These are merely rumors at the moment, as part of why LeBron chose LA was to get closer to Hollywood and other opportunities.

Lakers' options for the summer loom

The Los Angeles Lakers' front office will have some work to do, but they certainly have options on the table. While the team landed the No. 4 pick in the NBA Draft, they'll most likely use that as a bargaining chip for a big trade. In addition, the Lakers have young players as assets for trade.

The New Orleans Pelicans' Anthony Davis is still a player they'd love to bring to the roster, and recent reports say the Pelicans are ready to hear offers. The Boston Celtics and New York Knicks could also be players in the trade talks.

A huge trade seems the way to go should the team be unable to convince any major free agents to sign there.

It's being reported that players like Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler could be more likely to stay put. Kemba Walker is another name that pops up a lot, but it's also mentioned that the amount of money he'd make by staying loyal to Charlotte could be too much to pass up.

The Boston Celtics' Kyrie Irving could also be on the move, but simply to a nearby state as the Brooklyn Nets could be his next stop. The Lakers were mentioned as a potential signing area too but Irving recently bought property closer to the Brooklyn area.

As far as a trade goes, Anthony Davis would be the biggest acquisition.

Another set of Lakers' rumors mentioned that the Houston Rockets' Chris Paul or Washington Wizards' Bradley Beal may become options too. Of those two players, Beal might be a major addition to the roster to help LeBron James, while CP3's health is always of concern.

Nonetheless, it's clear the Lakers need to not only make the biggest move(s) they can for their near future, but also in order to impress King James. One has to think his patience could wear thin should they end up with not much to show for this summer's efforts.