This past Sunday (March 17), the Los Angeles Lakers took on another team with a losing record in the New York Knicks. That team doesn't have a player on the level of LeBron James, but they could very well get someone close. That would come through the NBA draft in June, where Duke Blue Devils prospect Zion Williamson is expected to be a No. 1 draft pick. While the Knicks are in the running for that top pick, the Lakers may also have a shot at it. Many analysts expected they'd use that to either make a huge trade for Anthony Davis and bring in a major star to help LeBron.

One Celtics star and NBA champion seems to think otherwise.

Lakers' NBA draft chances, prospects

It's no secret by now that LeBron James and the Lakers won't be part of the playoffs. It's hard to imagine too many scenarios in which the team will qualify at this point. However, stranger things have happened. The Lakers are currently 31-39 overall which is 11th place in the Western Conference. It's not the sort of LeBron James team finish most fans are accustomed to seeing. That said, LeBron has faith in the Lakers' front office to make things better this summer. He recently gave a message to NBA free agents after the loss to the Knicks.

LeBron mentioned how from a "personal standpoint" he's excited to see the Lakers get better based on what they do for the roster this summer.

He brought up the draft as well as free agents. As of right now, most NBA mock drafts have the Lakers making their pick in the top 10, but nowhere near the No. 1 spot. Still, stranger things have happened and there is a lottery to determine who gets that pick.

The teams with the worst records have the best chance to get a top-four NBA draft pick.

Right now, there are many teams with worse records than L.A.'s, including the Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Phoenix Suns. The Knicks have the worst of the worst, at 14-56 overall. The smart money suggests that the top pick is going to either the Knicks, Suns, Cavs, or Bulls. But, what if somehow the Lakers get that pick?

Trade LeBron if Lakers get top pick?

Paul Pierce isn't exactly LeBron James' biggest fan. However, the former Boston Celtics star and NBA champion now shares thoughts about King James while an ESPN analyst. After the loss to the Knicks on Sunday, Pierce made a suggestion almost seeming as crazy as Jeff Van Gundy's trade LeBron idea was. In the video clip below, Pierce says "If the Lakers got the No. 1 pick, I would trade LeBron."

That's right, Paul Pierce thinks it'd be a wise idea to trade away LeBron James if the team gets the No.

1 draft pick this summer, through a bit of luck. The Lakers could basically tank for the rest of the season and see if other bad teams in the league win some games to finish better.

The reason for the trade seems to be that the Lakers could build for a successful future around a prospect of Zion Williamson's talent level. Williamson is going to be in the league for quite a while longer than LeBron, so maybe that makes sense. Maybe even trading LeBron for the top NBA pick and some players makes sense, to some people.

Still, imagine a team with both LeBron James and Zion Williamson? It's almost like the next Kobe-Shaq type pairing in terms of talent and magnitude. It also seems like something that would drive Celtics fans (and former players) bonkers as L.A.

could be the elite franchise of the league again.

Time will tell if the Los Angeles Lakers make any big moves based on their draft situation. A top 10 pick could help as a bargaining chip. They definitely have the chance to get better with or without LeBron as part of the plan.