Autograph-seeking fans of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have to shell out more money for his signature. According to TMZ Sports, Brady is scheduled to hold an autograph signing session at the end of the month. The event is organized by New England Picture, a company which has held several Brady’s autograph signing sessions.

Per TMZ Sports’ report, the price of Brady’s autograph increased compared to its cost in February 2017, when the website started monitoring the worth of the quarterback’s signature. The increase is understandable as Brady was still fresh from leading the Patriots to their sixth Super Bowl victory.

Brady led the Patriots to a close 13-3 triumph over the Los Angeles Rams.

Significant increase from February 2017

TMZ Sports reported that back in February 2017, Brady’s signed photo costs around $850. However, the pricing sheet for the event later this month indicated that fans will have to shell out around $1,049 for an autographed photo. In 2017, the price for a Patriots’ mini-helmet was $900, but now the cost has increased to $1,079. For signed jerseys, Brady’s signature was worth $1,200 in 2017, but now, fans will have to pay less at $1,099. If a fan created an original Brady painting and wants it signed by the quarterback, it will cost $2,199.

However, the event doesn’t allow the public to attend Brady's signing.

They have to submit their items days before and will get them back after it is over. As costly as the items may seem, it could be considered as a good investment, especially with Brady’s stature as the best quarterback in the NFL.

Brady makes it to ESPN’s World Fame 100 list

After winning his sixth Super Bowl ring, Brady earned another accolade as he made it to ESPN’s World Fame 100 list at No.

31, the top-ranked NFL player on the list. ESPN based its ranking on three different categories, including social media following, online searches and endorsement income. As of the last count, Brady has 4.7 million social media followers and around $20 million income from endorsements. Recently, Brady failed to reach the incentives under his contract.

Brady's teammate, tight end Rob Gronkowski, also made it to the list, at No.

97. Gronkowski, who has yet to declare his plan for the 2019 season, has three million social media followers and $8 million income from endorsements. This year’s top spot belongs to soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, who has 148 million social media followers and earnings of around $37 million from endorsements.