Should the Lakers trade LeBron James? That's the crazy question that's going around these days as the Los Angeles Lakers are closing in on missing the playoffs. Recently, LeBron commented about missing the postseason and what the situation is like for him. Some people are beginning to believe that maybe he's a player the Lakers could get significant value for. In fact, one prominent NBA analyst suggested the idea of trading LeBron in order to build a better team. Crazy, but some say it's not such a bad idea.

LeBron trade should be considered

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Lakers hosted a primetime game on ABC against the Boston Celtics.

It's normally a historic rivalry game. On one side is a team led by Kyrie Irving that's headed for the NBA Playoffs. On the other side is a Lakers team led by LeBron James that has a less than one percent chance of getting to the postseason. The matchup lost its luster at this point in the NBA season, and that brought out the crazy notion from Jeff Van Gundy.

Van Gundy started talking about the offseason and blurted out as part of his rant, "Well I think they need to explore trading LeBron." He mentioned trading him to a team like the LA Clippers just to clear up cap space. That way, the Lakers could use the free money to add a few major stars to their roster in lieu of LeBron James. Van Gundy continued with his thoughts as his colleague Mark Jackson asked: "What are you doing?"

The commentary is captured as part of ESPN's video below in which Trey Wingo actually agrees with the notion.

He mentions that it's at that point in LeBron's career where his value might be measured in exchange for other stars who are younger and could win a few titles for the Lakers.

LeBron is 34-years-old and will miss his first playoffs in the last 14 years. The overwhelming belief is that King James needs another star or two in Los Angeles to compete next season and beyond.

He's got several more years on his Lakers' contract, so it makes sense. Still, there isn't a no-trade clause.

Cowherd agrees, Stephen A. says no way

There are plenty of other analysts out there who agree with Van Gundy and Wingo's idea to at least consider trade offers for LeBron James this offseason. One of them is Colin Cowherd, who has been a vocal proponent of LeBron James over his career.

However, Cowherd said during his recent show, "LeBron is by far and away the one piece that could land you multiple draft picks and multiple players."

That's the truth, but it doesn't appear to be in the Los Angeles Lakers' plans. The team has made it known they'll go shopping for a big NBA free agent star this season. There's the speculation that the Lakers could make a huge offer to Jimmy Butler or even continue trying to make a trade for Anthony Davis.

Stephen A. Smith is at least one of the analysts who is calling out those who are even suggesting a LeBron trade. The outspoken ESPN personality said it would be "utterly ridiculous" to trade away LeBron.

So will the Lakers consider a LeBron trade offer this offseason? It's hard to say but seems unlikely based on the investment they made for winning titles soon. The Los Angeles Lakers fans are probably disappointed at missing out on the playoffs, but one has to wonder how many of them agree with the idea of trading LeBron James to try to upgrade the roster.