When Greg Bell first signed with Nebraska football, there was some talk that he might be one of the greats to come through the program. It turns out, not only wasn't he one of the greats, but he had one of the shorter tenures in Lincoln in the last few decades. Bell announced he was transferring after the Husker's fourth game of the 2019 season after he saw his role diminished from starter to bench player to not getting a carry in his last game on the team.

After announcing he was leaving the school, he sat out the rest of the season and most of the winter.

It was expected he would be able to find a new team relatively quickly but one thing or another apparently stopped him from committing anywhere right away. Certainly, the list of schools Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost issued where he wasn't allowed to transfer to didn't help. On Thursday night, news began getting out that Bell had finally found his new team. It turns out it was his old team all along.

Greg Bell returning home

When talking about a player picking the school he'll be transferring to; we tend to say that they found their "new home." In regards to the former Nebraska football player, it turns out it's not that new. Bell is going to be transferring to San Diego State, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

It turns out the Aztecs have been where he wanted to play all along.

That is the school Bell chose out of high school, though back then he was just a two-star prospect who wasn't really getting any other FBS offers. Coming out of Chula Vista, he was the 325th ranked player in his class in the state of California. Since that time, he's traveled to Arizona Western C.C where he showed enough to get 12 offers, including FBS teams like Nebraska, Louisville, and Tennesee.

It seems as though San Diego State was no longer in the picture. It doesn't happen often that a player leaves a school to head to JUCO, ends up coming back to the school he left.

It did in this case.

Nebraska football will be just fine

While it's never great to lose a skill position player like Greg Bell, the Huskers are far from bereft that he decided to leave. The running backs that are on the roster, even if Maurice Washington isn't among them, will be able to operate just fine in Frost's offense. The Nebraska football team might have liked the depth Bell would have provided but a production drop as steep as his, so quickly, was always going to mean a departure at some point. Now we can all just wish him well with the Aztecs.