The Nebraska basketball season has been one wild ride. That ride got a little bit wilder just minutes after the Huskers lost to Wisconsin in the Big 10 Tournament's quarterfinal round. As head coach Tim Miles was giving his post-game press conference, he was informed of something to pass along to the media. Athletic Director Bill Moos would be issuing a statement and Miles said he didn't know what it would be.

About 40 minutes later, Moos did indeed release the statement. What many people thought would either be an announcement saying Miles had been retained or fired, was instead a message that Husker nation was going to have to wait a little longer to find out the coach's fate.

Bill Moos' statement gives no one relief

“We will await Sunday’s announcement to see if we receive an invitation to participate in the NIT. Once our season is completed, my evaluation of our men’s basketball program will draw to a close.” That was the entirety of the Cornhuskers' AD's statement.

For Husker fans who were hoping to find out if the program was going to stay the course, or move in a different direction, it was anti-climactic. Considering that the team's head coach appears to be in the dark as well, it was more than a little cruel.

There were more than a few people who also thought the way the athletic director, who has come under fire in recent months, handled the situation was just not a particularly smart way to go about handling a coach who has been on the hot seat for a while now.

Nebraska basketball not getting rave reviews

National basketball analyst Seth Davis was one of the members of the media who didn't understand the approach Bill Moos took.

"I don't understand Bill Moos' statement. Is he saying he wants to see whether Nebraska gets invited to the NIT or the NCAA? Either way, he has handled this horribly. Couldn't even bother going to the Big Ten tourney. Tim Miles and his players deserve better." Davis said on Twitter. He added that if the AD is waiting to see if the Huskers make the tournament, it's one of the dumbest things he's ever heard.

CBS basketball analyst Gary Parrish had similar hard words for Moos. "Nobody should need to hear what the NIT thinks before evaluating a coach who has been at the same school seven years. That's asinine. What a strange/dumb way to handle this situation." Parrish added that he would have released no statement at all before he released that particular statement on Nebraska basketball.

The fallout from Friday, which was the end of a week where the Cornhuskers captured the attention of America might go on for quite a while. That's especially true if the Huskers' season continues on past Sunday in the NIT tournament.