The Nebraska football team could use itself some linebackers. In order to fill the position, the Huskers are going after some of the best linebackers in the next few classes. Jermaine Hamilton more than fits the bill of a linebacker the team needs, though they are going to have to wait a bit for him to come to campus, should he come at all.

Jermaine Hamilton could be talented defender for the Huskers

The Kansas City linebacker, a member of the 2021 class visited Lincoln last weekend and judging by his social media posts loved what he saw. There's still a long road towards actually bringing the linebacker into the fold, but the Cornhuskers appear to have a foot in the door.

Jermaine Hamilton is one of those players that might be a bit under the radar but he's also plenty talented and he's getting more attention all the time.

The outside linebacker had a heck of a sophomore season at Lincoln College Prep. He was the Defensive Player Of The Year in his division and a 1st-Team All-leaguer. He certainly deserved those honors when you look at the numbers he put up. 91.5 tackles and 15.5 tackles for loss. He also had nine sacks and an interception.

Those are the kinds of numbers that can make someone forget about losing out on some of the linebacker targets the Nebraska football team took aim in the last recruiting cycle.

Dylan Jordan et al were big losses for the team but roping in Hamilton would be a big gain.

Long row to hoe for Nebraska football team

If the Huskers are going to find a way to get Jermaine Hamilton to Lincoln for the long term, they're going to need to overcome some pretty good opponents. Missouri and Arkansas are among the teams that are going hard after the Kansas City-based linebacker.

There is one thing that might help to get Hamilton into the fold, that would also certainly help the 2021 class in general. Dematrius Davis, who recently announced he's going to be taking a trip to see the Huskers, is apparently a quarterback that has impressed Hamilton.

The linebacker weighed in on a tweet string from Davis where the quarterback was talking about how his highlights were among the best in the class.

Jermaine Hamilton made it clear that he thought Davis was the best quarterback period in 2021 period. Those are big words when you consider the number of talented players in that group. It's a safe bet the Nebraska football team would be happy to get that kind of package deal in the two players.