With the 2019 NBA All-Star Game set to hit the court in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sunday (February 17), that means the arrival of LeBron James in Buzz City. There's been plenty of buzz surrounding the league's top star, whether it's which team he was going to sign with this past summer or his thoughts on the latest Los Angeles Lakers loss. With Team LeBron on the floor for a practice on Saturday, King James spoke to the media and commented on his future in basketball.

LeBron James comments on his retirement

There hasn't been a year, or number, given, in regard to how many more seasons LeBron James plans to play in the NBA.

Right now, he's 34 years old, still competes at a high level, and still appears to want to win more NBA titles. James has been in the league for almost 16 seasons now.

Lebron's NBA career includes 11 seasons with Cleveland, four with Miami, and his latest stint in Los Angeles. He's proven to be quite durable, with his recent groin injury bringing one of his lengthiest stretches on the sidelines.

LeBron has since returned from that injury and is looking to take his team to the postseason. They've had frustrating losses since LeBron's return, but there's plenty of the season left to play. Right now, it's a break for the All-Star Game and surrounding festivities. During his talk with the reporters in Charlotte on Media Day, the popular NBA All-Star commented on how much longer he plans to play in the league.

As USA Today mentioned, there are no plans for an "early retirement" from his NBA All-Star career. LeBron told reporters, “I got a lot, a ton more years to play this game and suit up and be in a Lakers uniform. …Hopefully, I can sit up here and answer questions as a player for a long time." LeBron didn't give a clear time frame on just how long "a ton more years" is.

LeBron's future with the NBA

Former NBA champion Scottie Pippen compared LeBron to MJ and Kobe Bryant several days ago. For comparison's sake, in terms of length of NBA career, Michael Jordan was involved in the league from 1985 through 2003. However, he retired and returned, twice. In total, MJ had 15 seasons with 13 of those in Chicago and another two with Washington.

His final retirement came at age 39 with the Wizards.

Kobe Bryant came into the league at age 18, back in 1996. His career spanned an impressive 20-season stretch, all with the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant ultimately retired after the 2015-16 season at age 37. It's entirely possible that LeBron will have another five or six years left of his own playing career. He has four years left on his Lakers contract.

One of his biggest post-playing career plans could be to "be like Mike." LeBron previously made mention of wanting to own an NBA team in the future.

During NBA All-Star Media Day, he said it's not a goal he thinks of daily, and it's more of "an aspiration." However, LeBron said after he's done playing it will be hard to stay away from the game he enjoys.

LeBron James told the media, "It would have to be the right fit, it would have to be the right city, it would have to be the right situation." The Cleveland Cavaliers could make sense. Could King James end up owning the team that started his legendary career? It would certainly be interesting to see how James compares to MJ in terms of helping a franchise improve without being active on the court.