The Nebraska football team is moving right along when it comes to finding itself a quarterback for the near future. Dematrius Davis Jr. is one of the newest targets for the Huskers at the quarterback position but the dual-threat prospect is already quite sure he's going to be seeing what Lincoln has to offer. The Houston, Texas-based player announced on his Twitter account he plans to take a visit to Nebraska, most likely an unofficial one.

Nebraska football one of at least seven to see a visit

Davis isn't really pairing down the teams just yet as far as who he is considering.

There are at least six schools that are going to be getting an unofficial visit "soon." Alongside Nebraska, there is also Alabama, Arkansas, Florida State, LSU, and Southern Mississippi. With that lineup, it's rather interesting that the Huskers managed to get themselves mentioned.

It's clear that Davis is looking towards a certain region of the country at the moment. That region is not the Midwest. This is something the Cornhuskers have managed to pull off before, mainly because they have a coaching staff that is very confident going into SEC country in order to try and pull a recruit out.

Davis might be from Texas, but he's clearly looking towards the deep south when it comes to his future home right now.

Uphill climb to win Dematrius Davis over

The announcement doesn't mean that Davis is completely ignoring teams closer to home. Houston has made an offer for the quarterback and all indications are he's certainly listening to what the Cougars have to show him.

In the announcement that he would be taking six visits "soon," one Twitter user replied to him that he wishes Texas A&M was the in the mix.

Dematrius Davis responded to that user that he had been there quite recently. All of this underlines the fact that the Nebraska football team isn't going to be finding out anytime soon just where they stand in this particular pursuit.

In the meantime, it's still not clear whether the Huskers have moved on from Jake Garcia.

Garcia was one of the first 2021 prospects the Nebraska football team went after. His father played for the Huskers in the 1970s. There was a time when it appeared to be a lock the son would follow in the father's footsteps. Now, with additional interest in Garcia being shown every day by other schools, the prospects have dimmed. If Dematrius Davis ends up being some sort of consolation prize, it's safe to say Husker fans will be plenty okay with it.