LeBron James, teammate of Kyle Kuzma at Los Angeles Lakers, took to Instagram after Kyle got named the NBA Rising Stars MVP this weekend. Kyle landed 35 points for the USA Team against the World Team and LeBron, impressed, shared his thoughts. However, it instantly reignited the trade debate as fans feud over Lebron's influence at the front office level. Actually, Kyle deserves a lot of respect, as CBC sports reported: "Kuzma led all scorers with 35 points on the way to MVP honors and the U.S.

team defeated the World squad 161-144 on the floor that the All-Stars will be using on Sunday night."

Instagram feud with LeBron started during Anthony trade reports

Marc Stein of the New York Times wrote about how badly Lakers wanted to get ahold of Anthony Davis from New Orleans Pelicans. He noted that a trade could involve Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball, and Kyle Kuzma. LeBron James had told the press that he thought it would be great to play alongside Anthony Davis. Speculation arose on LeBron's Instagram that he was calling the shots, telling the front office who to trade. Because of that, fans on social media also blamed LeBron for the humiliating loss to Indiana Pacers on February 5.

They felt he had demotivated the team.

Many followers on Instagram seemed bitter as they believed one moment LeBron was trying to get players traded and the next he was celebrating victories. In that particular post, LeBron was thrilled with Rajon Rondo's buzzer-beater photo showing LeBron lifting him up in the Lakers win over Boston Celtics.

One example of the comments mentioned sarcastically, that if Rajon had missed, LeBron would have traded him.

Kyle Kuzma MVP for Rising Stars post brings heat to King James

'King James,' fast on the social media trigger, posted up his comments about Kyle's performance soon after the game. In it, he said, "Way to show up and show out!" He seemed to admire that Kyle set himself a goal and did it.

In fact, he referred to Kyle as his "lil bro." However, the comments came thick and fast about the trade deal talks, with people again blaming James for it. Here's what some of the critics had to say about it:

  • @daniel.joseph: "How the f*ck you gonna call him lil bro but you were about to trade him not even a week ago."
  • @polosocksandtampons: "You still tryna trade him?"
  • @1j9p9o6: "You were trying to trade him 2 weeks ago."
  • @freddripp: "And you was tryna trade him for AD ‍♂️"
  • @dbronson13: "Man you were offering him up for AD a week ago."
  • @olliebaaby: "Bron you my dawg but chill with that fake sh*t. You was just trading the “lil bro” last week."

LeBron faithfuls respond about James' decision-making at Lakers

Faithful supporters of LeBron grew angry as the comments flooded in, hating on Lebron for congratulating players who were considered for the Davis trade.

They explained over and over that LeBron James does not run the front office. He also is not the CEO, and negotiating trades falls outside his mandate. In fact, they pointed out LeBron James is a player - a good one, but just a player in the team. Here's how some of them fired back:

  • @salt_jmoney: "Is LeBron the GM?... To get a player like Davis you gotta pay overs even if you gotta include players you’d rather keep."
  • @willyumoo: "Didn’t know Lebron was Magic Johnson."
  • @illmil13: "Lmao people actually think lebron always wants to trade good talent."
  • @wallyzeke: "He doesn't trade people...Shut the f*ck up."
  • @shammondp: "HE NOT THE GM "
  • @elsuldo_29: "Lebron is a player not a GM, go to Google and check who is the Lakers GM. Also, a player can't trade players, try to learn more about sports."

What do you think about the feud over the Anthony Davis trade talks and LeBron? Do you think LeBron gets to tell the GM of Los Angles Lakers what to do?

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