LeBron James took to his Instagram to share a photo following the buzzer-beater by Rondo on Thursday night. The post went viral with nearly a million likes in two hours. In fact, the number of likes were over 700k, (738,394). In the photo, fans of LeBron and Los Angeles Lakers saw LeBron pick up Rondo and hug him after their vital win against Boston Celtics. However, some negative comments talked about the trades that either went down or nearly went down.

LeBron knew the Lakers needed a big win, Rondo delivered

LeBron James went off at Christmas with his groin injury.

However, he returned to the game against Indiana Pacers this week and experienced his worst career loss. Sportscasters talked about how all the talk of trading for Anthony Davis probably demotivated the team. Lonzo Ball was out with his injury, the team got heckled by Pacer's fans and speculation mounted over locker room tension. However, Fansided noted that in the end, no major trade shake-ups happened. That, coupled with the knowledge that the playoffs were running away, maybe motivated the Lakers as they needed a big win.

Actually, Lakers traded Michael Beasley and Ivica Zubac for Mike Muscala of the Clippers. The NBA website made the announcement on February 7. With basketball fans speculating that LeBron James just about wanted to trade off half the team, some of the fans grew sarcastic and a bit stinging with their remarks on the viral post on LeBron's Instagram.

Anyway, it looks like the players moved on as they played well and deserved the win. The playoffs may still be reachable and in a large part, if they make it, the moment Rondo snapped that buzzer, could be the instant their future turned around.

What players said about the Lebron's viral post

Over on Instagram, LeBron's followers made a lot of comments on the win.

Here's what some of them had to say:

  • @clab811: "much needed win after all those trade talks, Lakers need to re-unite again, leave the trade talks behind and move forward!"
  • @sharat.vetekar: "@rajonrondo Wowowowowoow That's what makes this game so special... Amazing stuff to see wish I was there would have been dancing all over."
  • @kirbynorwalk: "Celtics fan lifetime but that was a crazy finish cannot miss a Lebron game go kyrie go Celtics."
  • @s33k1ngclar1ty: "That’ll definitely help repair team chemistry "

Of course, some Lakers followers simply took the opportunity to grind the ax that makes people think Lebron makes front office decisions.

@chaseclarkson took a dig at LeBron saying, "Remember when u tried trading him." Similarly, so too did @jasslee12, noting, "Man, if rondo miss that shot, lebron will totally be mad at him like he mad at jr smith in the final and lebron will totally wanna trade him."

'Game Blouses' mentioned by LeBron in his caption

LeBron James captioned the photo with the phrase "Game Blouses." For those who don't know, the Urban Dictionary reminds us that it means a game-ending taunt dished out by the winning team in any competition, usually when the final winning blow occurs. It originated on a sketch from Chappelle's Show where Charlie Murphy plays Prince in basketball."

What did you think of the buzzer-beater by Rajon Rondo?

What do you think of the post by LeBron that went viral with nearly a million likes in two hours?

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